New Jaguar F-Type has something for everyone

One of the joys of leasing a car is the ability to be a little more ambitious with your choices. When the cost is broken down over the term of the lease it opens up the possibility of driving something a little bit special.

And if you’re not worried about practicality and couldn’t care less if you can’t fit children in the back then things don’t get much more special than the updated Jaguar F-Type.

For a start it’s absolutely gorgeous. Shall we just leave it there?

OK, no then. We’ll continue.

It’s hard to make a proper two-seat sports car look anything but pretty, but certain manufacturers always manage to be slightly better at it than everyone else. Jaguar has that knack.

This isn’t a brand new model as such, it’s an updated version of the existing F-Type so the changes are more subtle.

Super-slim Pixel LED headlights with updated daytime running lights, and sweeping direction indicators, blend cleverly into the ‘liquid metal’ surface of the new clamshell bonnet.

2020 Jaguar F-Type rear

The new front bumper and subtly enlarged grille deliver even more visual impact at the front while new rear lights tweak the look of the beautifully curved rear end. The Jaguar F-Type is an undeniably stunning car from every angle and we would challenge anyone to open the curtains in the morning and not smile when you see one parked on your drive.

The interior screams style the moment you open the door. The traditional Jaguar craftsmanship includes contemporary materials such as Windsor Leather and satin-finish Noble Chrome, monogram stitch patterns in the seats and door trims, Jaguar Leaper motifs in the headrests, and subtle ‘Jaguar Est.1935’ markings on the centre console finisher, glovebox release button surround, and seatbelt guides.

There’s plenty of technology too, with a 12.3-inch reconfigurable driver display offering a choice of display modes. As the F-Type is a sports car, the default mode is characterised by the large central rev counter that highlights the driver-focused character and performance of the car, but on long drives you can switch the display to the navigation screen and let the miles drift away behind you.

All of which is very nice but it’s under that long swooping bonnet that the true brilliance of the Jaguar F-Type can be found. As you would expect the F-Type comes in both coupe and convertible guise but it’s the range of engine choices that makes the real difference.

Obviously the range is topped by the superbly loud and aggressive F-Type R. The 575bhp supercharged 5.0-litre V8 not only makes a marvellous noise but will also hurl you at the horizon with its 3.5 second sprint to 60mph and limited top speed of 186mph. If you like the idea of power but not quite that much you can opt for the more sedate 450bhp version of the V8 in the F-Type R-Dynamic, although 4.4 seconds and 177mph numbers show it’s still a very capable sports car. This mid-range option also comes with a choice of the same all-wheel drive system as the F-Type R or a rear-wheel drive system for the purists.

2020 Jaguar F-Type interior

For those who crave the looks of the Jaguar but don’t need the huge power, or don’t want to pay the tax and fuel bills associated with big numbers, there’s the frankly brilliant compromise of the 300bhp, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. With half the number of cylinders this is the one to go for in terms of emissions and efficiency. While it may struggle to keep up with its more powerful siblings it represents a good balance of cost versus performance, and 300bhp isn’t exactly tiny so you’ll still have a big chunk of performance to match the stunning looks.

All of which means the new Jaguar F-Type offers a lot of choice to a lot of people.

Looking to lease a hugely powerful sports car? The Jaguar F-Type is a good choice.

Looking to lease a comfortable tourer that can still tear up the twisty roads? The Jaguar F-Type is a good choice.

Looking to lease an achingly beautiful sports car that can cruise around town without worrying about fuel consumption? The Jaguar F-Type is a good choice.

In fact, unless you are worried about practicality and how many children fit in the back we’d say leasing the Jaguar F-Type is a good choice regardless of what you’re looking to lease.

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