Dacia Spring: Europe’s most affordable EV is coming here

You may recall we recently mentioned an affordable EV that’s been taking Europe by storm. Due to the massive demand taking the manufacturer by surprise there was considerable hemming and hawing when it came to when - or even, if - the UK would get to share the excitement. Now we have confirmation that the fully electric Dacia Spring will definitely be coming next year.

Introduced in 2021, the five-door supermini has made electric mobility widely accessible, with more than 120,000 orders placed since its European launch. A huge number of drivers have already been won over by its selection of features and highly attractive price.

The Dacia Spring boasts an assertive design featuring some of the best attributes from SUVs, such as wider wheel arches, roof bars, reinforced front rocker panel, and raised ground clearance. It also features LED lights, a ribbed bonnet, and a large bumper to complete the chunky look.

It also offers more interior space than you’d think from a car that is just 3.7m long and 1.6m wide. You’ll get a spacious and well-equipped cabin that comfortably accommodates four adults,  loads of handy storage pockets and cubby holes, as well as a 300-litre boot that can be doubled in size when you drop the rear seats down.

Standard features include all-electric variable assist power steering, remote central locking, electric windows, a digital display between the dials, and Google or Apple voice recognition that can be activated simply by pressing a button on the steering wheel.

The optional Media Nav multimedia system includes a stylish 7.0-inch touchscreen, sat-nav, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth, and a USB plug. You can also get air-conditioning, power mirror adjustments and a genuine spare wheel when you shop the full options list.

That’s all on top of the Dacia Spring’s standard safety features which include: a speed limiter, ABS, ESP, electronic brakeforce distribution, six airbags, emergency call (SOS button), automatic headlight activation and automatic emergency braking.

And that’s just what you’d get if you leased one right now. You can’t, because it’s not here yet, but Dacia has also revealed that the UK will be getting an all-new version, boasting significant improvements in design and equipment so you’ll actually get even more for your money.

In terms of everyday practicality, Dacia’s research in Europe has revealed the Spring is actually the main means of transport during the week for 90% of multiple-vehicle households who own one. What was initially purchased as a cheap second car has quickly become the first choice off the drive in the mornings.

Data collected from the Spring’s connected services shows how the full four-seat hatchback has met European customers’ requirements, and how it could fit in with the needs of UK drivers whose travel is mostly in urban areas. On average, most daily commutes last under 20 miles and are covered at 16mph, while in 75% of cases, the Spring is charged at home for an average duration of 3.5 hours. In simple terms, the Dacia Spring can be used every day and you’ll never have to deal with range anxiety.

Full details of the new Dacia Spring, including timings, leasing rates, and specification, won’t be announced until next year. When those details are revealed you should expect demand to go through the roof.

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