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Why Leasing Means You Can Drive a New Car More Often

Posted on February 1st, 2018

Why lease a car

Ok, so the economy might be a bit fragile at the moment (depending on who you ask), and new car registrations may be on the slide, but it’s not all bad news. Just because there isn’t as much cash floating around doesn’t mean you can’t drive a new car. You can always lease one instead.


Choosing the Best Electric Car Isn’t As Complicated As You might Think

Posted on January 24th, 2018

Electric Car Leasing

ELECTRICITY. It boils the kettle, lights the house, and keeps the TV working. It’s also a key ingredient in the current crop of electric vehicles available to lease in the UK. Electric vehicles aren’t new, but the current pace of development has taken a lot of people by surprise. Kia has recently undertaken a study to see how fleet managers across the country are incorporating electric vehicles into their businesses. Obviously not all of us are responsible for maintaining a fleet of cars, but it’s a good indication of how any switch to electricity has been adopted.


New Seven-Seat Lexus RX L Gives Premium Crossover Customers An Extra Three Reasons To Choose One For Their Next Car Lease

Posted on January 9th, 2018

2018 Lexus RX L Crossover

WHEN Lexus introduced the original RX Premium Crossover back in 1998 it’s unlikely they would have anticipated how big that particular segment of the market would become. Now it seems everyone is falling for the combination of SUV styling and luxury saloon comfort. Which is probably why the new Lexus RX L takes that winning combination and adds to it with an extra row of seats so more people can experience the premium feel.


Leasing a Flagship Executive Saloon Doesn’t Need To Be Out Of Reach

Posted on January 1st, 2018

executive saloon leasing from Gateway2Lease

WHAT is the best car in the world? We don’t mean the best brand, but the best car in a particular product line-up. If you look across the automotive landscape there are a few models that stand out. Not because they are loud and brash, but because they glide along in the background without making a fuss. These are the immensely powerful, beautifully equipped executive saloons.


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I was new to car leasing and Gateway2lease were the perfect introduction. Thoroughly professional, patient and informative. Delighted with my new car and delighted with the service provided. I would highly recommend Gateway2lease to anyone interested in leasing a car...

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