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Volkswagen Amarok hits the beach

 Published 22nd August 2019
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If you're heading to the beaches of Portugal for your holidays this summer you might be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a finely sculpted body hurtling powerfully across the sand.

For those of you who don't bump into Christiano Ronaldo whilst you're trying to smear sun cream on your children who won't sit still, there's the lifeguard's new fleet of VW Amaroks to admire.

The Portuguese Life Saving Federation's ‘SeaWatch' programme is again being supported with a fleet of 28 of the range-topping VW Amaroks for use along the nations beaches. Since the programme began in 2011 the Amarok fleet has been involved in more than 2,100 missions.

The 250bhp six-cylinder engine V6 in the VW Amarok ensures plenty of power to get where they are needed as quickly as possible, and combined with the 4Motion drive system ensures the maximum possible traction in the sand.

As you might expect, each of these VW Amaroks is specially equipped for their life guard role: so they have surfboards and spine boards (stretchers for the rescue of injured persons), life jackets as well as flashlights and emergency lights. The vehicles are replaced before every summer season - the pick-ups will cover almost 300,000 kilometres (over 18,500 miles) each year so that makes sense - and this year sees a new addition as each vehicle has also been fitted with a defibrillator on board that can save lives in case of an emergency.

Which begs the question, why aren't we all driving the VW Amarok?

Think about it. If the Amarok can be loaded up with all the emergency equipment required by the lifeguards it can easily carry your weekly shopping, camping equipment, work materials, or anything else you care to pack into it. It also means it's easily modified to fit pretty much any purpose you care to mention. Even if you aren't a lifeguard you could still use the Amarok to take you and your own surfboard down to the beach.

VW Amaroks saving lives on portugals beaches

And if that big V6 4Motion version has the power to drag the VW through sand and surf without missing a beat then it's more than likely it can also handle anything the British Isles can throw at it.

Festival car parks, muddy fields, building sites, pretty much anywhere in the great outdoors is fair game for the Amarok. In fact, the V6 engine may not even be necessary as the smaller options are just as capable, even if they don't quite sound the same. It's even quiet and comfortable enough to survive the worst traffic a bank holiday weekend can throw at you, or to whisk you along at speed when the traffic finally clears.

Convinced? You should be, especially considering the lease deals we have on the latest VW Amarok models. Get in touch today and we'll have you racing across the sand in no time. Although you need to provide the Baywatch soundtrack yourself.

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