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BYD Seal lease deals won’t get you a Tesla 3, but they will get the new kid on the block when it comes to EVs, which is being touted as the new Tesla 3. The BYD Seal is the third instalment to hit UK shores from Chinese giants BYD (Build Your Dreams) and epitomises style and design, which is unsurprising since BYD headhunted the Audi designer behind the first E-Tron and the R8 to front their design team. The exterior combines sport and elegance with its delightful angles and unique alloys, and when it comes to the interior it appears they were given

one criterion… be sexy.

It is a well-put-together cabin with quality materials and attention to detail used throughout and everything is positioned perfectly for function and form. It comes with the standard BYD electric rotating 15.8” touchscreen central console for the infotainment system, which includes FM/DAB+ radio, 4G internet connectivity, 12-speaker Dynaudio sound system, cloud service, Apple AirPlay, Android Auto and an OTA (Over The Air) system to manage all updates. And, since BYD produces over 50% of the world’s iPads, you can be sure they know a thing or two about technology.

A BYD Seal lease will get you an EV with an 82kWh Blade battery in both versions, made without cobalt or nickel, making it stronger, safer and more environmentally friendly. The RWD Design model comes with 308BHP and can complete 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds, and the AWD Excellence model has an incredible 523BHP and can finish 0-62mph in a rapid 3.9 seconds. Both can achieve a top speed of 111mph and between 323 and 354 miles per single charge, which you can complete up to 80% at a fast charge point in less than 30 minutes. Before comparing the BYD Seal’s performance with the Tesla 3, you might be interested to know that BYD supplies a lot of the batteries Tesla uses.

If you would love to have the high performance and tech specs but would prefer a hatchback, then check out the BYD Dolphin, or if you want a compact city car then perhaps the ATTO 3 is for you.

A BYD Seal lease in the UK will also get you a car brimming with safety features, driving assistance aids and anything else you could possibly want. In fact, there is so much on offer with a BYD Seal lease, that we couldn’t possibly do it justice with a word count. So, get in touch with our knowledgeable team at Gateway2Lease and discover just how special the BYD Seal truly is.

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Byd Seal (2 Variants)

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Seal 4 Door 230kW Design 83kWh Auto

Seal 4 Door 230kW Design 83kWh Auto

from £ 417.24 + VAT p/m

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Seal 4 Door 390kW Excellence 83kWh Auto AWD

Seal 4 Door 390kW Excellence 83kWh Auto AWD

from £ 450.74 + VAT p/m

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BYD Seal in UK - Business and Personal Options

When selecting from any of our amazing BYD Seal lease deals, the first thing to think about is whether a personal or business lease is ideal for you. Everyone can benefit from the excellent rates and flexible terms Gateway2Lease offers for both personal and corporate use.

The main distinction between a business and a personal lease is the intended use of the vehicle because, with a business lease, you can benefit from tax breaks on the initial payment, monthly costs, fuel and insurance, which you won’t be eligible for with a personal BYD Seal lease. Additionally, you'll probably receive a higher annual mileage allotment on business terms. A personal leasing agreement may not get you the same tax benefits, but you will still get behind the wheel of a newer model with all the latest features for much less than traditional car financing options.

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You will be driving a high-tech and high-spec vehicle for less than with traditional car financing. Being a newer model means you won't have to worry about an MOT for the first three years of the car’s life, and BYD offers lengthy manufacturer’s warranties meaning you will be unlikely to have to cover any repair costs that are due to manufacturing defects during the lease term.
Terms vary depending on whether your lease is for business or personal reasons and the options of the lease length and mileage terms you choose.
Gateway2Lease offers very competitive prices on their leases, but they will vary depending on the term options you choose. For an accurate quote, get in touch with our helpful team.
Our lease terms allow you to choose from an annual mileage on a BYD Seal lease of between 5000 and 35000 miles per year.
To be eligible for a BYD Seal lease you will need to be over 18, with a full UK driver's licence and have full-time residency in the UK. You may have to supply documentation to support your application to prove payment affordability and will have to agree to a credit check.