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Incorporated in 2016, Fisker is a new brand in the electric vehicle market about to release its first offering in 2023. The Fisker Ocean is the highly anticipated all-electric vehicle with top-range specs, an affordable price point and lots of eco-friendly benefits. The pre-order total is currently 60k+ which demonstrates how in-demand this sustainable and affordable car is and, if you are interested in taking a Fisker Ocean on lease in the UK, you will want to be registering your interest at Gateway2Lease today.

What makes the Fisker Ocean

stand out in the market is not only how eco-conscious the design and manufacture are, or the affordable price which will encourage new customers to the electric car market, but the stunning array of features thrown in. The Fisker Ocean on lease in the UK will get you hands-free automatic parking, a revolving 17.1” central unit screen, an energy-harvesting SolarSky roof, Smart traction for greater torque, stability and handling, California-mode turning your car into a convertible, bi-directional charging permitting your car to energise your house and many more.

At Gateway2Lease, we offer very competitive prices on Fisker Ocean lease deals and encourage you to register your interest early in this highly anticipated vehicle to avoid possible disappointment.

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Suv 415kW Extreme AWD

Suv 415kW Extreme AWD

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Why should you lease a Fisker Ocean?

The Fisker Ocean has an entirely electric drivetrain producing zero emissions whilst minimising greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. A Fisker Ocean lease in the UK is the ideal choice when family comes first as it has a range of up to 440 miles from a full charge and a comfortable spacious cabin with leather seats as standard.

The Fisker Ocean's stylish and sustainable looks grab attention as it drives by, and their quality FeelTek interior seating reflects this aesthetic and eco-conscious approach. Their FeelTek material is created from 100% recycled plastic bottles, layered with recycled fibre fabric to imitate the elegance and breathability of premium leather.

The Ocean includes several cutting-edge innovations as standard equipment, such as Smart Traction and the Revolve 17.1" screen with 360-degree surround sound, but what sets Fisker Ocean electric cars apart is their commitment to minimising environmental impact. From luxurious features like limo-mode that offers comfort and control for all passengers to all the sustainable materials used in their build, a Fisker Ocean lease doesn’t only get you a fully electric, high-spec, family car, it also gets you a thumbs-up from Mother Nature every time you drive.

Still have questions about Fisker Ocean leasing deals?

Fisker Oceans are expected to be available for lease towards the end of 2023. Request a price and register your interest with Gateway2lease today to secure your vehicle and avoid lengthy waiting times and possible disappointment.
Absolutely. All our leasing vehicles at Gateway2lease are available for personal and business lease deals ensuring all our customers are confident they are getting a great price on a Fisker Ocean lease in the UK and the right deal for them.
Demand is high since the Fisker Ocean is highly anticipated. To prevent potential lengthy wait times and to get behind the wheel of a Fisker Ocean as soon as possible, click here to register your interest with Gateway2lease today.
Current available fully electric brands and models include the Nissan Ariya, BMW iX3, Tesla Model Y, Audi Q8 E-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace, and others, with prices ranging from more affordable to luxurious. Get in touch with Gateway2lease to explore your options and get you on the road in one of these outstanding e-cars now or receive the Fisker Ocean the moment it arrives.
At Gateway2lease, we will proudly be offering the Fisker Ocean SUV 410kW Extreme AWD for business and personal lease. The Fisker Ocean Extreme is a top-spec model which comes with numerous comfort, style and luxury features as well as the impressive performance specs listed below:

Acceleration (0–100km/h) 4.0s
PEAK Top Speed 205km/h
Horsepower 468hp / 564hp (w/ Boost)
Battery Capacity 113kWh (106.5 kWh usable)
Range 20 inch wheel: 707km / 22 inch wheel: 701km
Total Motor Torque 696.4Nm / 736.8Nm (w/ Boost)
Charging Time (Mode 3) 12hrs
Charging Time (DCFC) 33mins 6s
Turning Circle 11.95m
Approach Angle 15.9° (20 inch wheel) / 17.0° (22 inch wheel)
Breakover Angle 12.9° (20 inch wheel) / 13.4° (22 inch wheel)
Departure Angle 20.3° (20 inch wheel) / 21.5° (22 inch wheel)