Mitsubishi Outlander Phev Leasing

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Car Leasing
G2L work closely with Mitsubishi in the UK, this means we have very strong Outlander PHEV discount terms and excellent access to stock and supply. The 3rd generation Outlander introduced the plug-in hybrid variant, called PHEV (plug in hybrid electic vehicle) that was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The PHEV has a 2.0 litre petrol engine, coupled with an electric powertrain that allows for three driving modes: "EV Drive", "Series Hybrid", and "Parallel Hybrid". The Outlander PHEV also operates regenerative braking that kicks in during normal deceleration of the vehicle, essentially the the front and rear electric motors work as generators to pass energy back to the main battery pack. Outlander PHEV lease deals benefit from the government ULEV (ultra low emission vehicle) grant that is taken into account within the rental. All of this makes the Outlander the top selling PHEV in the UK.

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Outlander Phev Leasing Brochure

Mitsubishi Outlander Phev (5 Variants)

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Outlander 5 Door 2.4 Phev 4h Auto

from £ 258.75 + VAT p/m


Outlander 5 Door 2.4 Phev Juro Auto

from £ 267.73 + VAT p/m


Outlander 5 Door 2.4 Phev 4hs Auto

from £ 322.63 + VAT p/m


Outlander 5 Door 2.4 Phev 5h Auto

from £ 329.99 + VAT p/m


Outlander 5 Door 2.4 Phev 5hs Auto

from £ 336.86 + VAT p/m