Mitsubishi Outlander Leasing

Mitsubishi Outlander Diesel 7 Seater Leasing
Described as 'The all-round good guy' the Outlander Diesel is a modern SUV with 7-seats and 4-wheel drive for a very affordable price! You will find the Outlander is spacious, well-made and versatile whilst at the same time giving a comfortable ride with consistent performance. Key features include Mitsubishi's Active Stability Control and Traction Control giving the Outlander ultimate control in all weather types. Hill Start Assist makes hills easier to navigate whilst the Eco mode suppresses engine output and switches to the fuel-efficient 4-wheel drive mode. Finally the ABS suppresses lateral slippage and EBD adjusts the rear wheels' braking force to the number of occupants and load to deliver braking force that is ideally matched to almost any situation. So in summary the Outlander Diesel is a 4x4 that is built for comfort, reliability and low emissions and is available at a fantastic price!

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  • The 'Outlander' Name - This model was originally known as the Airtrek but was replaced with Outlander to reflect the "feeling of journeying to distant, unexplored lands in search of adventure".
  • 2001 - The Outlander as it is now known was introduced in Japan in 2001. The 3rd generation was introduced in 2012.

Mitsubishi Outlander (2 Variants)

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Outlander 5 Door 2.0 Design Auto

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Outlander 5 Door 2.0 Exceed Auto

from £ 239.21 + VAT p/m

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