no deposit leasing guide

No deposit car, pickup and van leasing

1+23, 1+35, 1+17... its not just simple addition so what does it all mean?

Recently we have found that there has been an increase in the number of customers who wish to put down a smaller initial payment when taking out a lease contract. Our customers are searching google with terms like 'no deposit lease', 'car lease no deposit 24 months' and 'no deposit car leasing with free insurance'

First....Lets clear up the myths

Technically speaking we should state that 'no deposit leasing' is a bit misleading but as customers do search for this term we can help to explain how leasing payments work and how customers can reduce their initial outlay depending on their personal or business credit profile. As aluded too, there is no deposit payment taken in lease contracts such as Contract Hire by either us as the broker or by the finance company. Instead there is an initial payment in month 1 of the contract that is taken by direct debit after delivery of the vehicle, the payment has a degree of flexibility and changes will impact the remaining rentals (up or down depending!). On contract hire, finance lease and contract purchase agreements this initial payment or installment is not refundable and therefore should not be treated as a deposit. That said we do understand what our customers often mean when they ask for a no deposit lease contract and our finance partners do offer a solution that will meet most customer needs. Also on a seperate note always look out for any associated fees such as administration, brokerage or application fees. We charge an adminstration fee on each of our orders unless you are a fleet customer where we manage a more than five vehicles on your behalf. Our information notice sets out our fees in detail.

No Deposit Leasing 1 payment up front leasing

Given that our finance companies do have a solution we would re define 'no deposit leasing' as a lease with one payment up front. This option can be available to both business and personal customers, however the individual or business must have a very good credit rating to be able to take out a lease contract with a 1-month initial payment. This is because a contract with a lower intial payment naturally presents a higher risk to the finance company in terms of the potential loss.

Low deposit car and van lease deals from G2L

As mentioned there is a solution for low initial payments. Currently we tend to advertise leasing deals which have 3, 6 or 9-month initial payments, however it is no problems for us to quote with just a 1-month initial payment upfront. Most of our headline offers we will be based on 6 or 9 payments up front and this is because the majority of our customer select these profiles to bring down the remaining rentals and assist with monthly budgeting. If you are not eligble for one payment up front then we can certainly look at a 3+ profile and then work to your budget to see if there are any other savings that can be made.

To obtain a quotation, we would direct you to a member of our deciated sales team who will be able to assist you. You can do this by calling 01299 407 360 or alternatively you can send us a message direct by using our online contact form which can be found on our contact page.

If you have seen a vehicle advertised on our website, you can also request a written quotation with a single payment. Remember to add a note about the 1-month initial upfront payment in the comment box when enquiring.

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