Short term car lease deals and daily hire

At Gateway2Lease, we recognise that our customers often have a need for a short term hire vehicle to cover gaps due to factory orders, delays, probation periods for new members of staff or simply to allow for a business to cover short term seasonal requirements.

We have established various corporate partnerships, which allow us to offer several short term and daily hire products to suit your individual or business needs. Competitive terms available for 3, 6 and 12 month rentals.

Short term and daily hire solutions

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short term car leasing, daily hire

Daily hire

Suitable for individuals, new start businesses or businesses that do not have fleet insurance.

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short term leasing

Short term lease / rental

3 - 12 month leasing & rental packages available to business customers only.

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fleet daily hire

Daily hire for business fleets

Suitable for our business fleet customers who need a daily hire account for speed and flexibility.

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