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The Best New ‘17 Plate Releases

 Published 28th March 2017
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The new 17 number plates hit the market at the beginning of March and there has already been a great deal of interest surrounding them. Every six months a new plate is released, and this 17 number plate runs from 1st March 2017 until the end of August when cars will then be issued with 67 plates. Having a 17 plate not only shows that you have one of the newest cars on the road, but it also brings with it a certain amount of status, as other road users can clearly see that you car is only a few weeks old.

If you are someone who prides themselves on having a brand new car or are someone who likes to have the most up to date number plate available, the chances are you have given some thought as to what vehicle you want. However, with so many options available it can be difficult to choose.

Popular New ‘17 Plate Models

Here are some of the most popular new ‘17 plate cars which have recently been launched onto the market. Take a look and see what the experts love.

2017 Volkswagen Up!

Volkswagen Up!

For those that require a small car to get them from A to B the Ford KA has long favoured, but not any more. The new Up! from Volkswagen is a popular small car and is the perfect size to zip around busy cities and towns or for short journeys here and there. The Up! won't be winning any awards for size or long distance driving, but it is a great choice if you need something cheap to run and easy to drive.

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2017 MINI Countryman

MINI Countryman

MINI are releasing their new Countryman model in June of this year, so if you're willing to wait a month or two for your new 17 plate this could be a good option. The Countryman is one of the larger MINI models and has a decently sized boot, making it a good option for long drives and even families.

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2017 Audi Q5

Audi Q5

If you're looking for an SUV style car but without the bulk and high running costs, the Audi Q5 is ideal. At first glance it is clear to see that this vehicle looks great with it's clean lines and classic Audi shape working well together. But, it is also a really comfortable car to drive and it has everything you need in terms of entertainment systems, comfort and driving technology.

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2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Mercedes E-Class Coupe

When it comes to choosing a luxurious car you can never go wrong with a Mercedes. Mercedes have recently released their 2017 E-Class Coupe and it's a big hit with experts and drivers alike. This car is compact enough to be a practical choice for everyday use, but stays true to the sporty, high class look and feel we expect from a Mercedes vehicle.

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Tips on Choosing a New '17 Plate

When choosing a new '17 plate car it is important to opt for a vehicle that meets all of your needs. Consider the size, running costs and features of the car as well as whether or not you enjoy driving it.

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