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Estate Car Leasing

Estate cars have advanced dramatically in leaps and bounds in recent years both in style and technology. Typically, estate cars are just longer versions of their smaller model counterparts and are incredibly useful. If you've got a piece of furniture to move, a student to ferry to university, holiday luggage or tools and work supplies to get to a job, you simply have to fold the back seats flat and you have acres of space in the back. Perfect cars for both work and family, the large boot space and versatility without mentioning the high-end technology that estate cars can boast nowadays, and you've got pretty much the perfect car. Fuel efficient and easy to drive, there are estate cars to lease for every need and budget, as well as electric estate vehicles – what are you waiting for? Whether you want a personal lease on an estate car for your family or a lease deal for your business needs, we've got an answer here at Gateway2Lease.

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Browse our best estate lease deals from £222.23 inc VAT per month

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Volkswagen ID 5
G2L 99 Score


ID 5

6 variants

from £299.05 inc VAT

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Audi A4 Avant
G2L 96 Score


A4 Avant

36 variants

from £331.40 inc VAT

View Model Range

Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer
G2L 93 Score


Astra Sports Tourer

16 variants

from £234.71 inc VAT

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Volkswagen ID 4
G2L 92 Score


ID 4

9 variants

from £345.35 inc VAT

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Skoda Karoq
G2L 91 Score



15 variants

from £281.29 inc VAT

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Cupra Formentor
G2L 91 Score



8 variants

from £282.77 inc VAT

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Kia pro ceed Sportwagon
G2L 90 Score


pro ceed Sportwagon

4 variants

from £222.23 inc VAT

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Suzuki Swace
G2L 89 Score



4 variants

from £261.06 inc VAT

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Audi A6 Avant
G2L 87 Score


A6 Avant

36 variants

from £536.24 inc VAT

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Skoda Octavia Estate
G2L 87 Score


Octavia Estate

14 variants

from £269.82 inc VAT

View Model Range

Volkswagen ID Buzz
G2L 86 Score


ID Buzz

2 variants

from £566.14 inc VAT

View Model Range

Skoda Enyaq Estate
G2L 86 Score


Enyaq Estate

19 variants

from £421.86 inc VAT

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Which estate car is right for me?

We are certain that we can find you the ideal estate car to lease for your requirements and budget as we have the widest selection to offer across the country, with all the top brands able to be delivered directly to your door. Whether you're looking for a personal estate car lease – giving you more boot space for family holidays or a business lease deal on an estate car for your sales team to transport their tools to sites, we are certain that we can match you to your ideal vehicle. Perhaps you're looking for a budget-friendly vehicle, such as the Kia Pro Ceed Sportwagon, or want an estate car to lease with all the luxury features, like the Audi RS 6 Avant, - we're confident that we have you covered. An estate car doesn't just have to be a workhorse either, with many tech-focused features like Bluetooth, hands-free systems, navigation, parking sensors and cruise control, we believe that you can have the flexibility and capability of the traditional estate car with all the enjoyable tech-features of their smaller counterparts. If you're looking to reduce your environmental footprint, then we can also come up with the goods as we have hybrid and electric estate car lease deals available.

Our popular estate leasing deals

Here at Gateway2Lease, we offer the widest range of estate cars to lease in the UK, with models from the Kia Ceed Sportwagon, Skoda Karoq and Toyota Yaris Cross all at around £200 per month or less to the more luxurious Audi RS 6 Avant and BMW M3 Touring which are over £1k for the bigger budgets. We are confident that we are able to offer an estate car to lease for every budget.

Electric and hybrid estate car options

Electric and hybrid estate cars are gaining massively in popularity in the UK as the demand for eco-friendly and efficient vehicles continues to grow. The government is encouraging people to adopt electric and hybrid vehicles with grants and exemptions from congestion charging and some taxes, to the implementation of charging infrastructure to make running them more appealing. Some companies that use electric estate car lease deals can benefit from these offers making them an appealing choice for business leases. Private lease deals on electric or hybrid cars also bring benefits with reduced taxes and running costs and more and more people are keen to reduce their environmental footprint and drive a vehicle that is more environmentally friendly. Gateway2Lease is poised to help any individual or business to lease an electric car and as the popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles is only set to continue growing, it is likely to become an extremely popular option amongst those looking to lease a vehicle. Electric lease cars are appealing due to their lower running costs and with their other benefits it makes sense to consider these vastly adaptable vehicles. See our complete range of electric and hybrid estate car deals on our website.

Still have questions about estate leasing?

The most popular estate cars to lease are:

There are a vast selection of other estate cars to lease in our estate car rental deals, meaning that you're sure to find the perfect car to suit your preferences and budget.

The advantage of leasing an estate car from Gateway2Lease is that you will have one, fixed, low monthly payment for the duration of the finance agreement. By choosing a lease deal for an estate car, you will also have the latest models and technology and, by including maintenance to the contract, you will also save all the headache and stress of maintaining the car. At the end of the finance agreement, you simply return the car, giving you the option of leasing a newer car, or walking away without having to sell or trade it in.

At the end of your estate car lease, you will have the option to replace with a newer vehicle by taking a renewed lease deal, or you can hand the car back and walk away with no further obligations to have to decide what to do with the car. Depending on your contract type and your finance provider, you may also have the option to purchase the car.

If you go over your mileage allowance which was agreed at the start of the lease, you will be subject to additional charges which will be calculated on a pence-per-mile basis. These charges will compensate the leasing company for any additional wear and tear on the vehicle and the lower resale value of the car – based on the higher level of mileage taken. To avoid extra mileage charges, make sure that you make estimates of the anticipated mileage as accurately as possible and if you think that you might go over the allowance, try to negotiate for a higher limit at the start of the lease. Some financial providers may give you an option for adjusting the limit during the term of the lease, but not all will so it is worth finding out what all of your options are at the outset. For accurate and up-to-date information, chat with one of our expert team to discuss your mileage options.

All of our estate cars to lease are of different sizes and specifications. The term spacious can depend on a wide range of factors – whether it's legroom, headroom, boot capacity or overall internal space. It's a good idea to visit dealerships and test drive several different estate cars to assess which make and model has the right dimensions for your requirements before settling on the car you want to lease. However, you can also chat with a member of our expert team who can help you with the sizes and dimensions of all the various estate car lease deals we offer.