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Fuel & Go Leasing - Contract Hire with maintenance, motor insurance & more!

Find out how we can help individuals and small/medium businesses with our total care product

If you’re looking for simple and hassle free motoring then look no further than our total care package. This inclusive solution provides you with a brand new, insured lease vehicle, complete with damage protection as well as regular maintenance and breakdown assistance. All you need to do is add the fuel!

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Key benefits

  • Cash flow control: fixed monthly price
  • Shortfall protection: in the event of a write off, your financial gap is covered
  • Accident management: keeping you on the road with a courtesy car

What’s included?

  • Guaranteed maintenance & breakdown: including 48 hour relief vehicle if vehicle is un-drivable
  • Shortfall protection: to bridge the gap in the finance in the event of a write off
  • Accident management: a dedicated team, managing the accident claims process from start to finish
  • Own damage protection: including accident, fire and theft. All repair costs covered by Arval
  • 3rd party liability: is provided by Greenval Insurance DAC, Arval is the policy holder
  • Glass protection: windscreen and body glass covered
  • MID updates: Motor insurance database updates
  • Cover for both business and personal use

For Ltd Business’s, total care costs are embedded within the lease allowing you to reclaim VAT for qualifying vehicles.

Who’s eligible?

Spouse or partner of the lessee that meet the following criteria:

  • Driver must be aged between 23-70
  • No more than 2 own fault claims in the last 2 years
  • No more than 6 points on driving licence. Driver has also not been subject to a driving ban in the last 5 years
  • Driver must hold a full UK/EU driving licence for 2 years. You have not been advised to stop driving by the DVLA or a practitioner

What’s not included?

  • Personal belongings
  • Personal injury
  • Misfueling
  • Damage caused by driving through standing flood water

Please be aware of the below should you be challenged on the excluded items:

Personal belongings could be recovered under the driver’s house insurance as contents away from the home. In the event of a driver Non-Fault claim, any damage to personal items i.e. broken caption can be covered within the driver losses by RAC Legal Services.

Personal injury to the driver can be included within the uninsured loss recovery process by RAC Legal Services when the driver is not at fault. Third party passengers can also claim off the drivers insurance, however it’s just the driver themselves who are not covered if they have caused the incident.

Additional drivers

PCH customers: The drivers spouse or partner.
Contract hire customers: Any employee or employees spouse or partner.

Courtesy vehicles

For breakdowns, the driver will be provided with a 48 hour relief vehicle upon request with the RAC. For scheduled SMR, a courtesy vehicle can be booked in advance subject to availability.

No years claims history

Q: Will this be taken into account on my premium?
A: No, ATC pricing does not take this into account on the premium.

Q: Can Arval provide NCB letter after my vehicle contract is ended?
A: Arval can provide a driver history letter which will detail that the driver has had a lease vehicle for X amount of time and has incurred zero claims within this period under the Arval Total Care Policy Agreement.

Incident charges

ATC has an excess known as a CIC (customer incident charge) payable for “at fault” or non recoverable incidents. This is an escalating charge as follows:

  • First incident is £250
  • Second incident is £350
  • Third and subsequent incidents £750
  • If a repair is lower than the relevant incident level then a CEP (customer elected payment) is applied.

Glass charge

Repairs are FOC. Replacement windscreens and glass incur a £50 incident charge.


Q: What other costs could you receive if the vehicle is written off / total loss?
A: Any SMR or Excess Mileage overspend would still be chargeable to the customer. Also if the incident was fault or the vehicle was stolen then the customer would also have to pay the relevant CIC.

Q: Is there still a higher excess mileage charge with ATC?
A: Yes, Total Care quotes have been configured to include a higher excess mileage.

Q: What are the rules around towing?
A: The driver will need to ensure they comply to the legal requirement around the weight they will be towing. In regards to insurance cover, the vehicle will be covered for all ATC services, however, the twins item i.e. caravan etc. will only be covered for TPL (third party liability) only.

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