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business car leasing deals

Business Car Leasing

Leasing a car through a business

Conveniently situated in the heart of the country, just outside Birmingham, we are an experienced car leasing company which aims to connect finance companies, manufacturers and dealerships to provide a simple and easy service, taking the headache out of the potential minefield of leasing for businesses. If your business needs to put an area sales team out on the road, or you just need a pool car for business tasks, you probably won't have the money upfront to purchase a car, or several of them, outright which is when car lease for business use comes into its own. We can offer all brands of cars for business contract hire, from Audi and BMW to BYD, Tesla and Jaguar.

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Why consider a business car lease?

There are a huge variety of benefits to choosing to lease a car through your business. Not only does it save you from having to fork out a vast sum of money upfront, but it allows you to spread the cost over the terms of the lease, which can include maintenance and also comes with tax benefits. Leasing a car for your business offers you access to newer cars which not only feature newer technology and features but are more environmentally friendly, which saves your company money in clean air charges as well as lowering running costs.

When you lease a car through a business, you also reduce your administrative burden as you won't have to worry about selling it when it's time for an upgrade. Simply return the car and choose a new lease vehicle. The fixed terms of a business lease deal also mean that payments are predictable and make it easier to manage your company's cash flow effectively. Business car lease deals are also available under different terms to ensure that you find the right plan and payment schedule to suit your requirements.

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Benefits of a business car lease

Business car leasing offers an economical and tax efficient solution by providing access to vehicles without the capital investment of ownership.

Tailor the term, annual mileage allowance, and initial payment to align with your specific business leasing needs.

Simple Process
From your initial inquiry to the delivery of your new vehicle, our team will expertly assist and guide you every step of the way.

How does business car leasing with Gateway2Lease work?

Gateway2Lease prides itself on the simplicity of its business car leasing procedures. After consulting your financial adviser on the budget you have available, you can then begin to browse the lease deals on our website and the full range of cars that we are able to offer. The process is set in motion with a written quote from a member of our expert sales team, and when this has been approved by you, the credit checking process will begin with our financial company partner. When the financial details have been approved and signed off, you will sign a vehicle order form which confirms the specifications of the car or cars you have selected for your business lease deal. This triggers the order process from the factory or the release of your business lease car from stock. You will be sent financial documents and direct debit mandates for you to sign off and you will then be provided with a delivery date. The car, or cars, you have selected for your business lease deal will be delivered directly to your company address or wherever you have specified, ready for you and your team to get mobile.

Business car lease deals – manufacturers at Gateway2Lease

We offer all brands of vehicles in the UK as available to lease for your business:

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volvo car leasing


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Still have questions about our business car lease deals?

Buying or leasing a car for business depends on a variety of factors. Purchase means you own the car and have full control of the vehicle. It may cost less over the long term, as once it is paid for the only cost is maintenance, fuel and insurance, and if you choose to sell it the profit, or lack of it, is yours. It also offers you more in terms of customisation or adaptation. However, a business lease means predictable monthly payments which are easier to budget for, it is a tax-deductible asset, and you will be able to take out a new lease at the end of the contract. You also won't have the responsibility of finding a seller at the end of the lease. Ultimately the choice to buy or lease will depend on your business's financial situation, long-term goals, cash flow needs, tax considerations and usage requirements.

The main difference between leasing and contract hire is ownership. With a finance lease deal, you have the option at the end to purchase the vehicle and own it, whereas a contract hire is purely a rental agreement – without the option to purchase at the end of the lease.

The benefits are that a business car lease can be offset against tax, it has predictable monthly payments and many of the responsibilities of car ownership are removed – such as resale and, if you choose it, maintenance. You can choose the terms of your lease agreement, making sure it suits you and the business's needs and budget.

Business leasing is often cheaper than personal leasing as companies can claim back the VAT on lease payments as long as the vehicle is solely used for business purposes. Businesses can also offset lease payments against their taxable profits, which makes it more cost-effective than personal leases. Larger businesses that have more than one vehicle on a lease deal have better negotiating powers to secure deals as they're looking for volume-based purchasing and fleet management services, which help to manage maintenance, servicing and administrative support.

When applying for a business lease deal you will typically need to provide several key documents which include proof of your business name, address and registration number, VAT certificate (if applicable) and business bank statements or financial statements. You may need to provide director or owner information and proof of trading history. You will need to provide consent for the finance provider to perform a credit check – which will mean giving access to the business's credit information. The experts at Gateway2Lease can provide information and advice about all the documentation you will need to provide.

The best way to find the cheapest business car leases is to shop around to check for the best deals on the market, or to find a reputable car leasing company that you can trust to take the legwork out of it for you. Gateway2Lease has an outstanding reputation for finding great deals for our clients, as is evidenced by our impressive testimonials, and we have proven time and again that we are the leasing company you can trust to find you the very best deals on the market for your business lease needs.