Best Hatchback Lease Deals

A hatchback car is a type of vehicle which is characterised by having a rear door that includes both the back window and the boot lid, or door. The boot space is integrated with the passenger cabin of the car creating an incredibly versatile and compact design and when the rear seats are folded down – a large luggage space is able to carry your month's shopping, sports equipment or camping gear easily. Being compact vehicles, hatchbacks are easily manoeuvred in tight spaces and are perfect for urban driving. Gateway2Lease has a wide selection of popular hatchback vehicles available to lease from the Ford Focus, Citroen C3, Fiat 500 and MINI hatchback models, amongst many others. These versatile and manoeuvrable cars, provide a perfect hatchback lease for every individual or family that wants to prioritise practicality and luggage space flexibility with one of these incredibly versatile vehicles. We pride ourselves on our streamlined leasing processes to enable you to be out with the wind in your hair in the shortest possible time when you choose to lease a hatchback car from us.

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Browse our best hatchback lease deals from £151.66 inc VAT per month

With great all-round vision and easy parking features, you're going to love the hatchback lease deals that we offer. We're certain you'll find the ideal car for your needs and budget in our wide range of hatchback lease deals.

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Nissan Qashqai
G2L 100 Score



31 variants

from £203.51 inc VAT

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Nissan Leaf
G2L 99 Score



6 variants

from £207.74 inc VAT

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Nissan Juke Hatch
G2L 99 Score


Juke Hatch

13 variants

from £199.58 inc VAT

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Fiat 500 Hatch
G2L 99 Score


500 Hatch

8 variants

from £160.19 inc VAT

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Subaru Solterra
G2L 99 Score



2 variants

from £252.74 inc VAT

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Gwm ora 03
G2L 98 Score

Gwm ora


2 variants

from £189.31 inc VAT

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Peugeot 408 Fastback
G2L 96 Score


408 Fastback

7 variants

from £200.39 inc VAT

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Skoda Superb Hatch
G2L 93 Score


Superb Hatch

3 variants

from £232.54 inc VAT

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Volkswagen Golf
G2L 93 Score



21 variants

from £193.96 inc VAT

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Hyundai Kona EV
G2L 93 Score


Kona EV

11 variants

from £294.41 inc VAT

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Cupra Leon Hatch
G2L 92 Score


Leon Hatch

8 variants

from £305.56 inc VAT

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Peugeot 208 Hatch
G2L 92 Score


208 Hatch

12 variants

from £199.19 inc VAT

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Why choose a hatchback lease?

  • Compact – as hatchbacks are compact in size, they are ideal for urban driving and manoeuvring in tight spaces making them better suited to navigating busy streets and parking in small spaces.
  • Lower costs – hatchbacks are generally more affordable than larger vehicles as they are cheaper to purchase or lease and have lower insurance costs and maintenance expenses. They are also designed to be fuel efficient, and their smaller size and lightweight build means you save on fuel costs, making the hatchback a more environmentally friendly option.
  • Versatility – without a separation between the boot and the body of the car, you can create a large luggage space by lowering the back seats – creating flexibility to transport bulky items, like furniture, sports equipment or just to take your tent and camping gear on holiday.

How does leasing a hatchback with Gateway2Lease work?

As Gateway2Lease entered the leasing market to make leasing processes simpler nearly two decades ago, we have the procedure down to a tee. You can drive the hatchback car of your choice simply by following a few simple steps. To start the process, first determine how much you want to spend on your hatchback lease deal and then you can begin the fun part; choosing the make of car and model that you want to lease from the vast selection on our website. Whether you want a small hatchback to lease or an SUV, we get the ball rolling with a deposit payment, contract signing and mandates for your direct debit payments. Then you will receive the delivery date, allowing you to arrange your insurance so that when your hatchback lease deal is delivered directly to your door, you can jump in for a drive immediately.

Still have questions about hatchback leasing?

At Gateway2Lease we have hatchback cars to lease of every fuel type, and we offer hybrid and electric hatchback cars to lease from a vast array of brands, models and prices. See our electric car lease deals page to find your ideal hatchback car to suit your needs and budget.

Amongst the most popular hatchback cars to lease are:

  • Volkswagen Golf Hatch
  • Audi A3 Sportback
  • Vauxhall Corsa Hatch
  • BMW 1 Series Sporthatch
  • MG Motor MG4 EV

Check out our complete range of hatchback car lease deals to find the perfect car for your preferences.

There are a variety of reasons why leasing a hatchback instead of an SUV or a saloon makes better sense. Firstly, a hatchback is generally cheaper to lease compared to an SUV or larger saloon car with lower monthly payments and initial deposits as well as lower insurance costs – saving you money. Hatchbacks are usually more fuel efficient, more manoeuvrable and easier to handle making them ideal for urban driving - and they are also a good balance between passenger seating and boot capacity making them more versatile than the larger SUV and saloon cars. However, leasing an SUV hatchback could bring even greater luggage space – potentially a good compromise.