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hybrid and phug-in hybrid car leasing deals

Leasing Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Cars: Green Driving Choices

A hybrid car lease or a plug-in hybrid lease deal in the UK with Gateway2lease is your way to ease into the world of electric vehicles (EV) as a hybrid car lease offers you the option of a car with lower CO2 emissions but greater levels of efficiency. Leasing a hybrid car will mean you can have your cake and eat it! With a conventional engine, as well as an electric motor and a battery, it will consume less fuel and emit less CO2 than a traditional petrol car, whilst still offering you the flexibility to complete long journeys without having to sit waiting for a charge at a service station.

Leasing a hybrid car can offer you the best of both worlds as some people still have concerns about going completely over to an EV – worrying they might not get the range they need for longer journeys, or that they could end up stranded somewhere remote without the option to recharge, which is why a plug-in hybrid lease is the perfect option. Gateway2lease can offer the best plug-in hybrid lease deals from the top manufacturers in the EV and hybrid sector, such as Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Kia, BMW, Renault and Nissan.

Hybrid Vs Plug-In Hybrid

Given the UK government is ending the sale of all petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2035 it is the optimum time to start exploring the options for moving towards electric vehicles and reducing your personal carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking to lease a hybrid or plug-in hybrid from a compact hatchback to a family SUV there are definite advantages as well as distinct differences:

Hybrid Vs Plug-In Hybrid

Both hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars use a combination of a traditional combustion engine and an electric motor. The hybrid car battery is charged through regenerative braking whereas the plug-in hybrid needs to be charged via plugging in at a charging station and can operate on electric power alone for short distances.

A plug-in hybrid can offer electric ranges of 15-50 miles or a hybrid mode for longer distances whereas a hybrid vehicle has a longer range due to its combustion engine.

Hybrid cars are generally more fuel-efficient in city driving than longer journeys whereas plug-in hybrid cars are more energy efficient in electric-only mode but need to depend on fuel efficiency for longer journeys.

Hybrid cars are typically cheaper than plug-in hybrid cars – although with lower running costs and tax incentives may have lower running costs.

Environmental impact
While a hybrid car has lower emissions than a petrol or diesel car, it has higher emissions than a plug-in hybrid car which can switch to zero emissions in electric-only operation.

Choosing whether to lease a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid car will depend on your driving patterns, specific needs and environmental priorities. If you have short, daily commutes and access to charging, then a plug-in hybrid lease will offer low running costs and reduced emissions. However, if you have longer commutes, prioritise convenience and don’t have easy access to charging stations, then a hybrid lease deal is a better choice.

Best Plug-In Hybrid Lease Deals In The UK

For those who are aiming to reduce their personal carbon emissions and want to benefit from lower running costs, the move to a plug-in hybrid lease is a no-brainer. Able to access lower road tax, a plug-in hybrid lease deal will suit those who mainly make short commuting journeys around a city location where charging stations are readily available. Gateway2lease can offer some of the best plug-in hybrid lease deals in the UK such as the Toyota RAV4 Phev, Hyundai Santa Fe and the Mazda CX 60 amongst many others giving you the chance to lease a plug-in hybrid for a small monthly payment and giving you access to the latest technology and environmental benefits. Opting for a plug-in hybrid business lease will give you access to greater tax benefits as well as lower the carbon footprint of your company – improving your reputation with your clients as a business that cares about the environment.

Top Plug-In Hybrid Car Leasing Deals of 2024

MG Motor UK HS
 Stock  2023 Model Year
G2L 99 Score

MG Motor UK

HS 5 Door Hatch 1.5 T-Gdi SE Phev Auto

from £203.17 inc VAT p/m

 Plug In Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  0 g/km  £31,040

View Offer

Lexus NX 450h+ Suv
2025 Model Year
G2L 98 Score


NX 450h+ Suv 2.5 Premium E-Cvt

from £340.43 inc VAT p/m

 Plug In Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  0 g/km  £49,940

View Offer

Volkswagen Tiguan
2024 Model Year
G2L 99 Score


Tiguan 1.5 TSI 204PS eHybrid R-Line DSG

from £323.78 inc VAT p/m

 Plug In Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  0 g/km  £45,445

View Offer

Audi Q3 Sportback
 Stock  2023 Model Year
G2L 92 Score


Q3 Sportback 45 TFSI e 245 Black Edition Comfort+Sound Pack S tronic

from £426.00 inc VAT p/m

 Plug In Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  0 g/km  £47,075

View Offer

Top Picks for Hybrid Lease Deals

Hybrid car leasing is an even simpler way to access lower carbon emissions without having to consider where and when to charge up the battery. As the electrical parts are charged through regenerative braking, it automatically has lower emissions than a traditional petrol or diesel car without you needing to find charging points. Also available as a hybrid business lease, you can supply your employees and external sales staff with vehicles that have lower running costs and save tax for your company without worrying they might get stranded somewhere remotely without access to a charging point. Gateway2lease offers some of the best hybrid lease deals in the UK including the Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Juke and Toyota C-HR amongst others. Why not explore our hybrid lease deals today to see how you could start reducing your carbon emissions and contributing to a cleaner society for all?

Best Hybrid Car Leasing Deals of 2024

Nissan Qashqai
 Stock  2024 Model Year
G2L 100 Score


Qashqai e-POWER 1.5 Hev 190 N-Connecta Pnrf

from £245.33 inc VAT p/m

 Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  121 g/km  £36,985

View Offer

Nissan Juke Hatch
 Stock  2024 Model Year
G2L 99 Score


Juke Hatch 1.6 Hybrid 143ps N-Connecta Auto

from £195.80 inc VAT p/m

 Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  109 g/km  £28,855

View Offer

Renault Symbioz
2025 Model Year
G2L 87 Score


Symbioz 1.6 E-Tech Fhev 145 Techno Auto

from £241.62 inc VAT p/m

 Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  105 g/km  £29,055

View Offer

Toyota C-Hr
 Stock  2024 Model Year
G2L 99 Score


C-Hr 5 Door 1.8 Hybrid 140 Design CVT

from £254.80 inc VAT p/m

 Hybrid Petrol  Automatic  5 Doors  108 g/km  £34,455

View Offer

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Our superb range of hybrid cars includes top German models from BMW and Audi, reliable family favourites from Volkswagen, Renault and Mazda and high-end SUVs from Land Rover and more. Our selection of hybrid cars for lease has something for everyone, from Mazda to Nissan and Kia to Cupra, meaning you are sure to find the hybrid car of your dreams.

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Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Car Leasing: Your Questions, Our Answers

The cost of leasing a hybrid or plug-in hybrid car will depend on the make, model and size as well as the mileage allowance and the term of the contract. For a more accurate quote for leasing a hybrid car, get in touch for a quote based on the hybrid car of your choice.

With so many great hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars to lease, it would be hard to say which is the best. The best choice will depend on your driving habits, personal preferences, size of family, personal interests and more. To find the ideal hybrid car to lease it’s advisable to test drive several makes and models to find the ideal vehicle for your unique needs.

When considering a hybrid or plug-in hybrid car to lease there are a few factors to consider:

  • Driving Range: Assess the electric-only range of plug-in hybrids and the fuel efficiency of hybrids. Consider your daily commute and travel needs to determine if the range suits your lifestyle.
  • Charging Infrastructure: For plug-in hybrids, evaluate the availability of charging stations near your home, workplace or along your regular routes. Consider the feasibility of installing a home charging station.
  • Lease Terms: Understand the lease agreement, focusing on mileage limits, lease duration and early termination fees. Ensure these terms align with your usage patterns.
  • Total Cost: Analyse not just the monthly lease payments but also potential fuel savings, tax incentives, insurance costs and maintenance expenses.
  • Performance and Features: Consider the car's performance, comfort and technology features. Ensure it meets your expectations for driving experience and convenience.
  • Environmental Impact: Evaluate the environmental benefits, like lower emissions, and how they align with your eco-friendly goals.

Leased hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars do have some special maintenance requirements compared to conventional vehicles. Here are key points to consider:

  • Battery Care: The most significant aspect of a hybrid or plug-in hybrid is its battery. Regular check-ups are essential to ensure the battery is functioning optimally.
  • Brake Maintenance: Hybrids often use regenerative braking systems that can last longer than conventional brakes. However, they still require regular checks to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • Engine Maintenance: Even though hybrids rely on their electric motors, they still have petrol engines that require standard maintenance like oil changes, although possibly at less frequent intervals.
  • Cooling System: Hybrids and plug-in hybrids often have additional cooling systems to keep the battery and electric motor at optimal temperatures. Regular checks of these systems are crucial.
  • Tyre Maintenance: Keeping tyres properly inflated and aligned is important for all vehicles, but even more so for hybrids, as it can significantly affect battery efficiency and overall vehicle performance.
  • Software Updates: Periodic software updates may be necessary to ensure the electric drive system operates efficiently.
  • Lease Agreement: Always check your lease agreement for specific maintenance requirements or schedules that you need to adhere to. Failure to follow these can result in penalties at the end of your lease.
Remember, while some maintenance aspects are unique to hybrids and plug-in hybrids, regular vehicle maintenance practices like checking fluid levels, lights and wipers are equally important. Discuss the unique nature of your hybrid lease deal with our expert team for more precise information.

Generally, a mileage limit will be agreed upon at the start of the lease deal – regardless of the powertrain of the vehicle. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid car leases are no different and you can arrange the mileage limits when you choose the length of the lease and any other elements of your deal. Get in touch with a member of our expert team to discuss your hybrid or plug-in hybrid lease deal and mileage allowances for more accurate information.

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