Upgraded VW Caddy Offers Improved Specification and Lower Prices

WHEN is a car not a car? Or if you prefer, when is a van not a van? The answer is when it’s a Volkswagen Caddy of course.

The Caddy is the smallest van in the VW range, except when it’s not a van because then it becomes one of the largest cars in the VW range.

No, this isn’t a deliberate attempt to confuse you, just an illustration of how versatile the VW Caddy is, and why the 2018 version that has just gone on sale is well worth considering.

The Caddy is available in either short or long wheelbase and can be configured to be anything from a practical, two-seater van to a family friendly seven-seater MPV. It can also be specified with either manual or automatic transmission and a range of petrol or diesel engine to suit your requirements.

The sheer range of possibilities that the Caddy encompasses is mind-boggling. It can be a panel van or a window van. It can trade load space for seating. It can almost be anything - within reason and the bounds of reality - you require it to be.

Even better is that if you decide to lease a VW Caddy now you will also benefit from the upgrades applied to the latest 2018 specifications. The latest version of the Caddy boasts improved safety features as standard across the range, and when you finally decide which wheelbase and configuration you want you can then choose from three upgraded trim levels and six engines - three petrol and three diesel.

Partly because it’s a VW and partly because it is also a car the Caddy has always boasted impressive safety. Since its launch in 2015 the Caddy has been fitted with driver, passenger, and side airbags, and post-collision braking system as standard. Now VW has added AEB emergency braking and driver alert systems as standard across the Caddy range.

For business users a safer van means lower costs and less downtime. For private drivers a safer car means, well a safer car. Whichever group you fall into it’s also worth bearing in mind that vehicles fitted with autonomous braking systems could also benefit from insurance premium reductions of up to ten percent depending in the insurer.

2018 VW Caddy

All three trim grades, Startline, Trendline and Highline, have been upgraded to include more standard equipment than previous models and hence offer more value for money. Every Startline Caddy gains a leather multifunction steering wheel and multifunction display. Trendline models now feature climatic air conditioning as standard and the range-topping Highline models gets Volkswagen’s Discover Media satellite navigation system as standard.

Up front the Caddy’s engine choices are one of the widest in the sector. Two versions of the 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine offer a good balance of performance and economy. The 102bhp engine promises the best returns on mileage and emissions while the 150bhp version offers a bit more power for those who need it. There is also a less powerful 75bhp version of the same diesel engine only available on short wheelbase Startline models.

If you aren’t tempted by a diesel there is even more good news. VW now offer three efficient TSI petrol units consisting of a 1.2-litre 84bhp four-cylinder unit, a 1.0-litre 102bhp three-cylinder unit and a range-topping 1.4-litre 125bhp four-cylinder engine. All three use a combination of lightweight construction and a turbocharger to deliver the perfect combination of performance and efficiency. Not only that but the pricing structure for the Caddy has been tweaked so the equivalent model is now more affordable than before. For operators in London, in particular, concerned by the possible banning of diesels, the availability of petrol engines will be a welcome option.

The example VW give is the 1.2TSI Startline model, the cheapest option on the Caddy price list. This entry-level version is now priced at £17,527 OTR including VAT, a saving of around £1000 against the outgoing model range. That’s a reasonably hefty chunk of money to save on the price of a new van (or car), especially considering the fact you also get the added safety and improved trim levels at the same time. VW has decided you can get more for less after all.

Which really only leaves the problem of which Caddy to choose. Do you want a car or a van? Do you want a short Caddy or a long Caddy? Do you want more seats or a larger load area? Do you want petrol or diesel? And what sort of lease would you like?

These are all specific questions that only you can answer. All we know is that if you want versatility, economy, and value for money then you want a VW Caddy. Why not check out our latest Volkswagen Caddy lease offers here: VW Caddy offers .

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