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Ford launches all-new Fiesta Van

 Published 13th July 2018
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There's an old statistic floating around the internet that suggests the majority of bank robberies involve a Ford Transit at some point. This is obviously the wrong approach. Michael Caine proved that if you want to pull off the perfect getaway you need something smaller, more manoeuvrable, yet still capable of carrying sizeable amounts of gold bullion.

Ford has obviously taken this on-board. Why else would they be introducing the all-new Fiesta Van later this year?

Before their lawyers get involved we should make it clear that Ford probably hasn't taken this decision at the behest of bank robbers everywhere. But they have responded to strong demand for a compact and economical vehicle for legitimate business use.

The new Ford Fiesta Van will be powered by a choice of three ultra-efficient engines. You can opt for an 85bhp 3-cylinder, 1.1-litre petrol; a sportier 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol with 125bhp; or a 1.5-litre diesel with a choice of 85bhp or 120bhp. All of the engine options should prove to be suitably frugal, and offer sufficient power to carry a full load across an Italian weir.

2018 Ford Fiesta Van

Inside the three-door body there is room for two people and 1.0 cubic metre of cargo. You can carry anything up to 1.3 metres long and you have a gross payload of around 500kg to play with. More than enough to transport a small pile of gold across town. There's also full mesh bulkhead and a tough rubber floor with four anchor points to stop loads shifting if you take a short cut through a storm drain.

The interior of the all new Fiesta Van is packed with useful equipment too. As well as being comfortable and hard wearing you also get smartphone connectivity, an eight-inch colour touchscreen, and a host of safety features including adaptive cruise control and speed limiter, active park assist, and traffic sign recognition to help you make sense of Italian road signs. There is also an option for business customers to add the new FordPass Connect on-board modem so you can stay connected with the rest of the team while on the move.

2018 Ford Fiesta van

If you really want to stand out Ford is also introducing a Sport model complete with model specific design elements front and rear, 18-inch alloy wheels, new seats, plus unique steering wheel, pedals, and gear lever. It's not clear if this will also include a professional getaway driver and a Union Jack on the roof but you can always make those arrangements yourself.

The all-new Ford Fiesta Van is clearly going to be a popular choice for business ventures seeking a compact and efficient means of transporting goods quickly and easily. The Fiesta Van will be available to order now with first deliveries expected in the autumn.

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