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First Glimpse Of The High-Tech 2018 Mercedes Sprinter Range

 Published 1st November 2017
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EVERYBODY likes a Mercedes. Usually it's an elegant coupe or luxurious limousine, occasionally it may be one of those fire breathing AMG creations. The new Mercedes Sprinter is none of those things, but it is still a Mercedes.

The new Mercedes Sprinter was recently announced ahead of the North American Commercial Vehicle Show (sounds riveting doesn't it?) to be held in Atlanta. The new Sprinter is being hailed as the most important launch in the van sector in 2018.

We don't know about that, but we do know it's likely to prove immensely popular.

At the moment there aren't too many details to share with you as this latest version of the Sprinter won't be launched until early 2018. Like all manufacturers, Mercedes will continue to tease us for a little while longer. That being said it's quite clear that there have been some improvements to the Sprinter.

For a start the front end of the new Sprinter has been redesigned. The front of the Sprinter, according to Mercedes, “presents itself with horizontal and clearly drawn headlights in a distinctive and athletic manner.” If they mean it's more in keeping with a large SUV rather than a van then we have to agree.

What really stands out is that the new Sprinter promises fantastic visibility from the elevated driving position with that enormous windscreen. It makes the nose look much lower than it actually is giving the new Sprinter a rather sporty look.

2018 Mercedes Sprinter

Of course that's not why anyone leases a van. They are work vehicles and as such they need to perform different tasks for different people.

One feature of the new Mercedes Sprinter than stands out is the comprehensive introduction of driving assistance systems and connectivity services. Mercedes are confident the new technology will be a leap forward in efficiency for vehicle and fleet management.

The new Sprinter reflects Mercedes' commitment to lead new trends in digitalization and urbanisation. The new Sprinter isn't just a van, it's the first step on Mercedes' path away from being solely a vehicle manufacturer to a provider of complete logistics solutions. Smart vans are coming, the new Sprinter is just the first model to represent this development.

The existing Sprinter range that the new version will replace is available in six body styles - Panel van, Crew van, Dropside, Chassis, Tourer, and 4x4 - and we expect this will broadly similar once the new range is released next year. There is a choice of vehicle lengths and roof heights, as well as single and double cab options.

The new Sprinter is designed to be even more adaptable and to provide a wider range of individual transport and sector requirements. With this combination, the new Mercedes Sprinter looks like becoming an even better proposition as an overall system solution in the van market.

Now we've told you all of this it must be quite frustrating to know you can't have one until 2018. That being said, it is November which gives you plenty of time to get those last few jobs out of your existing van while you make the arrangements to lease the new Mercedes Sprinter range next year.

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