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Lease The Mercedes-Benz X-Class, The World's First Premium Brand Pickup

 Published 12th December 2017
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IF there were any doubts that the popularity of the humble pickup truck is growing rapidly the introduction of a luxury version should be enough to dispel them. Which is where the new, not so humble Mercedes-Benz X-Class comes in.

The demand for leasing pickups has been rising steadily over the past few years with many drivers being attracted to the rugged practicality combined with the comfort and driving experience of a typical passenger car. Now Mercedes-Benz has joined the party you can expect luxury to become increasingly important.

Mercedes X-Class

Technically the Mercedes X-Class isn't actually available to lease yet - the official European launch is this month so this is something of a sneak preview. When it does hit arrive it will initially be available with a choice of two diesel engines.

The 2.3-litre diesel engine can be specified with either a single turbo producing 163bhp in the X220d, or a more powerful biturbo unit offering 190bhp in the X250d. Both variants can be specified with either rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The X250d can also be fitted with a seven-speed automatic transmission rather than the standard six-speed manual. There will also be a range topping 258bhp V6 diesel to follow around the middle of 2018.

Like all pickups there is a price to be paid in terms of fuel economy and emissions but the X-Class compares favourably with the rest of the market. Depending on engine choice you can expect to see returns of around 21mpg and emissions sit between 190-200g/km with the ECO start/stop function. Drivers opting for the automatic transmission should gain a little on fuel consumption but lose out slightly on emissions. Likewise the all-wheel drive 4MATIC variants will fall down slightly on efficiency, although the difference shouldn't be significant enough to prevent drivers opting for the extra traction.

Mercedes X-Class

The X-Class shares a distinctive look with the rest of the Mercedes range and from the front looks very much like the current GL range. It's a robust design that reflects the typical traits of a pickup - functionality, strength, and off-road capability - coupled with the comfort and driving dynamic of a Mercedes.

And most drivers who opt to lease an X-Class are likely to be drawn to the fact that this is a Mercedes. It may be a pickup but it's a Mercedes pickup, the first premium brand to dip a toe in the market. While it may be accomplished off-road we expect most of them to end up in the more fashionable parts of town.

In an attempt to prove that point the interior of the X-Class emphasises comfort and quality, offering a more luxurious feel than its rivals. It will come in three trim levels, the rugged and functional PURE, stylish and comfortable PROGRESSIVE, and high-end POWER. Depending on the trim level you can specify a number of finishes including aluminium, wood or matt black. There is also a wide range of leather or fabric upholstery, and sufficient options for you to custom build an X-Class to meet your needs.

Mercedes X-Class

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is unlikely to be the last premium brand pickup to hit the market but it will always remain the first to do so. As long as Mercedes has got the right balance between rugged practicality and comfortable ride - and it looks like they might have - then the X-Class is sure to prove an immensely popular lease option.

If you are thinking of leasing a pickup and the Mercedes X-Class has taken your fancy, give us a call to discuss your requirements as soon as possible and we'll do our best to keep you ahead of the Jones'.

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