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Jaguar i-Pace Joins The Electric Revolution

 Published 19th June 2018
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You could be forgiven for thinking this years Geneva Motor Show was a thinly veiled attack on Tesla. A “how dare an upstart bunch of California surfers lead the way in luxurious electric cars” kind of affair.

The 300bhp VW ID Vizzion, the Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept, and the Bentley Bentyaga V6 Plug-in hybrid all take the fight to Mr Musk. Even SEAT got in on the act with the new 670bhp e-racer. Despite all their best efforts it was Jaguar who managed to land the first blow with the all-electric i-Pace that left most who saw it with a feeling of admiration.

The i-Pace is Jaguar's first foray into electric vehicles, they even managed to stay pretty true to the concept unveiled back in 2016. It's a bit taller, a bit narrower, and the 23-inch wheels have been replaced with 19-inch wheels on the entry-level models - although top-spec models still sport 22-inches - but apart from that it's remarkably close.

At first glance the i-Pace shares many design cues with the rest of the Jaguar range while managing to look unlike anything else they build. Technically the i-Pace is an SUV although it feels like a hatchback. The lack of engine means the nose is short, it's gained a little height to make room for the batteries, and while it is capable of wading through 500mm of water it isn't something most drivers would consider.

Jaguar i-Pace

Building such a technological car without packing it full of technology probably wouldn't go down too well with many. Accordingly the Jaguar i-Pace borrows the best bits from the Range Rover Velar with upper and lower touchscreen controls and rotary controllers.

The result is a very clean and uncluttered interior that offers a great deal of comfort. There's also no shortage of mobile device charging options aboard, with three 12v sockets, six USB ports and one HDMI/HML port. Like Tesla there is also a smartphone app that you can use to warm the cabin and get the car ready to go while it's still connected to the mains supply.

The Jaguar i-Pace is a mid-sized SUV but because of the lack of engine there is plenty of room in the cabin for five. The boot is a perfectly reasonable 665 litres and there is also a secondary luggage compartment at the front that could prove useful. It may only have five seats but there is no shortage of leg or head room for occupants.

Fitted with a 90kWh battery and two electric motors - one front and one rear - the Jaguar i-Pace offers all wheel drive and the electric equivalent of 395bhp. Thanks to the wonderful way electric motors offer all of their torque instantly the i-Pace accelerates to 60mph in around 4.5 seconds. More than enough for every day driving.

Jaguar i-Pace interor

That battery pack is a similar size to that found in a Tesla and according to the test figures offers a similar range of nearly 300 miles. Plug it into a 100kW rapid charger and it will take around 45 minutes to go from 0-80%, a regular 7.5kW home charger should take around 10 hours to fully charge, ideal for overnight charging.

Although production doesn't officially begin until the summer the i-Pace is available to order now with prices starting from just under £60k. If you're thinking of leasing one for your next car the timing could be perfect so give us a call today to run through your options.

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