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Sporting performance added to the Audi A3 range with new S3 models

 Published 12th August 2020
New Launches 

In the way of things at Audi, you get the ‘standard' car launched first; the sporting version next; followed by the performance model last of all. With the new Audi A3 Mk4 introduced earlier this year we are now at Stage Two.

So say hello to the brand new S3 Sportback and the S3 Saloon.

The S model is, in many ways, perfect for most of us: plenty of speedy excitement, but enough comfort to be able to drive everyday. And that's exactly what these new S3 models offer, whether you want the practicality of five doors or the elegance of a four door saloon.

A powerful 2.0-litre engine, pumping out 310PS, propels the S3 to 60mph in under 5 seconds (so make sure there's nothing loose rattling around the cabin when you push the accelerator!).

new audi s3 saloon

You can also dial up the soundtrack with the standard Audi drive select system to provide a more bass-heavy note when you want to tackle more challenging drives and always with the security of Audi's quattro four-wheel drive.

However, if you are taking it a bit easier - such as a family visit or a longer drive to visit friends - then you can sit back and, even though the S3 features suspension dropped by 15 millimetres, the four-link rear axle and the oil filled dampers which adapt to the driving situation and condition of the road in a few thousandths of a second, will ensure a relaxed and comfortable drive.

You can also just let the Audi drive select system do its own thing, with a greater degree of difference between the modes than ever before, says Audi. Or simply just select the Comfort mode. It's up to you.

new audi s3 sportback

While we're sitting back and relaxing, there's time to notice the interior of the new S3 models with Nappa leather seats and a new 10.1-inch black panel touch-screen display to go with the MMI system, claimed by Audi to be its most powerful entertainment and information system to date.

MMI Navigation Plus is standard, and offers predictions on the development of the traffic situation, high-resolution satellite images from Google Earth, and very precise information about the traffic flow. Individual settings, such as frequently selected destinations, can be stored in up to six user profiles, as can other preferences relating to functions such as climate control and audio.

If all of this sounds very much like it's the car for you - and we wouldn't disagree - then have a look at our latest Audi leasing offers , or talk to us about leasing an S3 by calling us on 01299 407 360 .

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