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New Hyundai i20 brings a touch of style

 Published 15th April 2020
New Launches 

Despite the growing number of sectors the automotive industry seems capable of creating there's one that remains the best all-rounder. Amongst the SUVs and city cars, executive saloons and exotic supercars, the most flexible choice for many lease customers is the oh-so-practical hatchback.

And when it comes to the hatchback it's all about value for money, something Hyundai has packed into the brand new i20.

The i20 is one of Hyundai's most popular models and this third generation version builds on the Korean manufacturer's deservedly growing reputation. The days of the boring, boxy cars of the early days are long gone and now Hyundai's line-up looks perfectly at home amongst the established European badges. In some cases they are amongst the better looking options.

In the case of the new i20 this means a more dynamic style with a lower roofline, wider body and increased length.

This not only makes the car look better but it has the added benefit of increasing both interior and boot space, and probably improving the ride quality at the same time. The bumpers have been completely redesigned; it's got a brand new grille with a cool honeycomb look; a sleek, wedge-shaped body that looks stylish and sporty; and a completely new lighting signature that emphasises the increased width of the car. It's also available in a choice of 10 colours, four of them brand new, as well as a two tone style with a black roof.

2021 Hyundai i20 rear

The interior space is well lit and airy, and also boasts a very contemporary feel. The i20 has a new pairing of digital instrument cluster and central touchscreen control that looks very clean and simple, and a series of horizontal blades across the dashboard emphasise the feeling of width in the cockpit. There are nice colour touches scattered around, including new LED ambient lighting, and all the switches are well laid out and easy to use. You can also choose between two interior trims, a Black Mono finish or Black and Grey combination.

Hyundai i20 engine choice

In terms of engines there appears to be a bit less choice. Hyundai has announced that there will be two engines and three transmission choices for the new i20, but at the time of writing it seems only one of those engines and two transmission options will be available in the UK. There's probably a perfectly good reason for this and to be honest the engine you can have is likely to be the best one anyway.

The turbocharged 1.0 T-GDi engine is combined with a 48v mild hybrid system and produces around 100bhp. There is a 120bhp version but we're not getting that one, and the other engine options don't come with the hybrid system, so overall this is the best balance in terms of power and economy.

2021 hyundai i20

That 1.0-litre engine is surprisingly enthusiastic and the hybrid addition contributes to a 3-4% reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions making it a great option when you're looking at running costs. You can also choose between a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and a newly developed six-speed Intelligent Manual Transmission that very cleverly decouples the engine from the transmission when you release the accelerator, allowing the car to enter into coasting mode and save even more fuel without you even having to think about it.

The brand new Hyundai i20 was due to be revealed to the world at the Geneva Motor Show but the show was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute because of fears for public health related to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Hyundai i20 may not have got its scheduled launch but it won't take long before they'll be available to order. If you're going to be considering your next lease over the next few months and a stylish and economical hatchback is at the top of your list you could do a lot worse than consider getting behind the wheel of a Hyundai i20. You could be pleasantly surprised as well as better off. We'll be sharing the latest lease deals on the new Hyundai i20 as soon as we have them.

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