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New Kia Niro adds even more to its green credentials

 Published 30th December 2021
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Sustainability. It's a word that features quite heavily in the information pack for the new Kia Niro. Eleven times to be precise. All of which leads us to believe that Kia may be pushing the environmental credentials of this latest version of its compact crossover.

Not much has changed under the bonnet. The new Kia Niro will be available as either a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or full EV, so the environmental credentials are still solid. This wasn't the full launch, more a sneak peek as it won't actually be available until next year, so we don't know anything else about the powertrain options just yet.

New Kia Niro EV

What we do know is that Kia says the all-new Niro embodies a commitment to building a more sustainable future with its eco-friendly materials, advanced technology, and electric powertrains. As a clear statement of intent, and an indication of future model development, the all-new Kia Niro showcases new recycled materials inside the cabin.

The headlining is made from recycled wallpaper, the seats are made from Bio PU with Tencel from eucalyptus leaves, and BTX free paint is used on the door panels to minimise the impact on the environment and reduce waste. And if you are wondering (because we didn't have a clue until we looked it up), BTX free paint is a water-based paint which is free from benzene, toluene, and xylene isomers.

In terms of technology, efficient aerodynamics allows Kia to offer space on the inside, an SUV look on the outside, and still maintain fuel economy, or battery range if you go for the EV version. Kia will also introduce the 'Greenzone Drive Mode' which is a brilliant piece of technology. Available on the PHEV version, which is likely to be the most popular choice, this clever system works in tandem with the sat nav and driving history to work out where you are and automatically switch between hybrid and EV mode accordingly. Should you find yourself driving through a green zone, such as a residential area, or near schools and hospitals, the car recognises this and switches to electricity all by itself.

New Kia Niro HEV

It's not all about sustainability changes in the new Kia Niro though.

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Niro's exterior design features a stylish and bold crossover look and high-tech two-tone body.

Kia's signature 'tiger face' has been transformed for the all-new Niro and now extends from the bonnet, right down to the rugged bumper. The wide grille gives a sense of width and stability, and the contemporary design is finished with 'heartbeat' LED running lights. A wide pillar at the rear helps air flow to improve the aforementioned aerodynamics, but it also blends well into the boomerang-shaped taillights with their unique vertical design.

New Kia Niro interior

On the inside, the off-centre dash curves around the front of the interior. The audio-visual screen and air vents are incorporated within the diagonal gaps of the dash design. The new slimline seats enhance the feeling of roominess and comfort, and the headrests' back cover even incorporates a handy coat hanger.

In many respects, the new Kia Niro will be exactly the same as the old Kia Niro, a very good lease option offering great specification and amazing value for money. The only difference is that the new Niro will do the same thing a little bit better.

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