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8 ways you can reduce fuel costs - right now

 Published 25th March 2019
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There's no doubt the rising cost of fuel affects everyone. Whether you're a consumer or commercial vehicle driver the cost of fuel has a measurable, notable and negative impact on the prices we all pay for our goods and services.

It pays to be smart where fuel costs are concerned. So what can we do to reduce your fuel costs?

  1. Shop around - Take a look at your regular or local routes and observe the best fuel prices or take a look at the website it does all the research for you. They claim you could save up to £220 per year.

  2. How you drive – Ease off the revs. Less of the contestant stop-start, brakes & acceleration whenever possible & get into highest gear as soon as you can.

  3. Turn off the air con when you don't need it, it too is thirsty & drinks your fuel!

  4. Maintenance - Regular maintenance of your vehicle, any defect or sub par performance will adversely effect fuel consumption.

  5. Tyre pressures - make sure they're in-line with your load. Under inflated tyres can add up to 3% to fuel costs.

  6. Vehicle selection - There's much more choice now, when choosing your own vehicle then think ahead. Consider ongoing fuel costs vs cost of the vehicle and any tax breaks (if applicable).

  7. Route planning - Plan ahead as much as you can. Know alternative routes. Save time, save fuel.

  8. Time management - In line with route planning, get as smart as you can with your route planning.

We can't directly change or influence fuel costs but we can aim to get savvier with the consumption of the fuel we put in our vehicles.

What's your top fuel saving tip? Please share it with us on social media; we'd love to hear from you.

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