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BMW extends plug-in hybrid range with sporting 545e xDrive

 Published 30th August 2020
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If you are a business owner or a company director wanting to benefit from the advantageous tax breaks offered by plug-in electric vehicles, but don't want to sacrifice a bit of performance, then BMW has been listening to your wishes.

Arriving towards the end of the year is the new BMW 545e xDrive, a plug-in electric hybrid that sits above the 530e model.

Taking a cue from the BMW X5 45e SUV , the BMW saloon slots the SUV's six-cylinder 3.0-ltre engine under its bonnet and matches it with an 80kW electric motor fed by a 12kWh lithium ion battery mounted underneath the rear seats.

It enables this sporting BMW 5 to travel up to 34 miles in electric only mode, and with CO2 emissions of 38g/km it falls into the 10% company car tax band.

BMW 545e PHEV dash

But the hybrid drivetrain also provides the BMW with a sporting boost and with the smooth six-cylinder engine there's 349PS power and a walloping 600Nm of torque ready and waiting under your right foot.

In other words, the car will blitz to 62mph in 4.7 seconds.

The transmission is an eight-speed auto box with four-wheel drive, so there is extra security to the performance on more slippery surfaces.

Drivers can choose to toggle between three driving modes - Hybrid (standard), Sport and Electric (although drivers can select Electric as the default in the iDrive menu). In Hybrid mode the car makes maximum use of the engine/battery combination to provide the most efficient means of travel; in Sport the battery supports the engine to provide full output.

If you are charging the battery at home you can choose to precondition the interior by means of auxiliary heating and air conditioning. And if you define a departure time, the system also guarantees the full electric range in drive mode. The system is controlled either from inside the vehicle or via the My BMW app.

If you are interested in leasing the new BMW 545e xDrive then talk to us about obtaining the right vehicle and build slot on 01299 407 360, or view our latest business contract hire offers on the BMW 5 Series here .

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