Lexus shows its new electric style

 Published 2nd April 2021
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Lexus. What do you associate with the brand?

We'd say: luxury; brilliant service; fine engineering; and hybrids. There are many more attributes, but we'll leave it there for the moment.

Many business owners have enjoyed the hybrid benefits of the Lexus RX SUV long before hybrids suddenly rocketed in popularity.

And to demonstrate that Lexus isn't sitting on its hybrid laurels, the engineers back in Japan have been working on a new model that, says Lexus, will take the brand into a new era.

So say hello to the LF-Z Electrified.

Lexus LF-Z Electrified rear

The car, based on the Lexus LF performance brand, will not make its debut until 2025, so you have a few years to wait until you can get your hands on this car, which will deliver “the driver a sense of being seamlessly connected to the car's acceleration, deceleration and steering at all times, with prompt linear responses that are faithful to their inputs and intentions,” according to Lexus. Which does sound very exciting.

But by then Lexus will have introduced 20 new or upgraded models, including more than 10 battery electric (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEVs) and self-charging hybrid electric (HEVs).

These will be based on its core saloon and SUV ranges, but Lexus hints there may be some intriguing new vehicles that fit into entirely new categories but which still deliver typical Lexus premium values. So there's plenty coming our way.

In the meantime, the LF-Z Electrified offers some mouthwatering statistics to back up its stunning looks. Acceleration t0 62mph will take just 3.0 seconds from a 90kWh battery delivering spade loads of torque - 700Nm to be precise.

Lexus LF-Z Electrified interior

And how far will it go on a single charge? Lexus says the LF-Z Electrified will travel 370 miles before its lithium-ion battery needs recharging.

When you're not making full use of all that performance, you'll be able to take in such niceties as the electrochromic panoramic glass roof which can be dimmed when required and has functions for privacy and illumination that reflect the night sky.

Or the next generation Mark Levinson audio system which will be able to reproduce the sound quality of international concert halls within the car's acoustic space.

It all sounds like a breathtaking car. And we'll just have to wait until we can see it. But until then, there are plenty of other Lexus models you can lease for business, which will continue to deliver all the great things that we associate with the brand.

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