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MG receives prestigious Carmaker of the Year award

 Published 15th December 2022
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In a curious twist it transpires that the recently announced Carmaker of the Year award has gone to one of the oldest automotive badges in the world. Every year, Motor Trader, the UK's longest running vehicle retail magazine reveals which brand has received the honour. This year the award has gone to a carmaker founded way back in 1924, MG Motor.

True, the MG envisioned by Cecil Kimber back in the 1920s is now a completely different company, but the fact that badge still remains to this day shows how important it is to the history of the automobile.

What began as a sales promotion for Oxford-based Morris Garages – hence the name – is now a part of Chinese giant, SAIC, one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world responsible for producing millions of cars every year. They are numbers William Morris and Cecil Kimber couldn't possibly have envisioned almost a century ago.

MG sold just over 45,000 cars in the UK between January and October this year, marking a 64.4% increase in sales year on year. Motor Trader also commended the company for some of the most competitively priced electric vehicles available in the UK, with the MG4 SE Standard Range available from just £25,495 - a fact reflected in its low leasing rate.

MG is the fastest growing car brand in the UK, with a market leading range of electric vehicles that are encouraging more drivers than ever to switch to zero emission motoring.

MG was originally famous for building sporty, exciting, and affordable cars. Today, the company is establishing itself as a driving force in the rapidly expanding UK electric car market, with a reputation for outstanding design, market-leading technology, and excellent value for money. So, it seems not much has really changed except for the introduction of battery power.

Now designed in London rather than Oxford, and manufactured in state-of-the-art factories in several countries, today's MGs are practical, spacious, and packed with technology. From its innovative new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) to the intelligent iSmart vehicle data app, MG continues to apply a forward thinking and progressive approach to the requirements of today's motorists. The all-electric MG4 models, launched earlier this year, have also been extensively praised by Motor Trader for generous equipment levels, practicality, and driver engagement.

It appears that if you want value for money from your next lease car then an MG is definitely worth a look.

Alongside the brilliant all-electric MG4, there's the equally brilliant MG5 EV estate that takes practicality even further. If you're on the lookout for an SUV there's the compact MG ZS EV to choose from, or the full-size MG HS Hybrid if you need a little more room inside. And that's just the electrified options.

The compact ZS is also available with the traditional petrol and diesel options while the HS can be specified with a modern, economical diesel engine under the bonnet. Add to that the brilliantly affordable MG3 hatchback – prices start at just over £13k for a car that looks good, drives well, and is fitted with touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, and parking sensors as standard – and you can start to see why MG won the coveted award.

Receiving the award, Guy Pigounakis, Commercial Director at MG Motor UK, said:

“We have made significant steps to make EV ownership far more affordable and deliver cars that are enjoyable to own and drive, so we're delighted this has been recognised. Receiving such positive feedback from Motor Trader and the industry professionals who do so much to support us is an encouraging sign that MG is heading in the right direction.”

You can't really argue with that assessment when you look at what MG has to offer.

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