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Limited Edition L200 Barbarian SVP Marks Launch of Mitsubishi Special Vehicle Projects

 Published 17th May 2017
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ARE you prepared for Armageddon? Do you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? When the Four Horsemen appear at your door would you know what to do?

If your first response is to reach for your car keys you might just be a survivor.

For legal reasons we should probably point out that in the unlikely event human civilisation does collapse a set of car keys won't actually be much use. For those less existential moments one of Mitsubishi's new Special Vehicle Projects could be very useful though.

The SVP programme is inspired by the one-off L200 Desert Warrior ‘Pre-runner' built in conjunction with Top Gear magazine for an upcoming feature that remains secret. In case you aren't aware - and why would you be? - a ‘pre-runner' is a heavily modified production vehicle used to test drive the course of an off-road desert race. In other words, they need to be incredibly tough.

Mitsubishi Top Gear L200 Desert Warrior

Mitsubishi Top Gear L200 Desert Warrior

In order to negotiate the world's toughest terrain Mitsubishi added an external roll cage, heavily modified suspension, huge banks of long-range LED lights, and oversized wheels with self-inflating tyres to create the Desert Warrior. The limited edition L200 Barbarian SVP won't have any of that but it will provide a highly distinctive, and distinctly exclusive vehicle for a select few.

Powered by a proven 2.4-litre turbo charged diesel with selectable four wheel drive system and a choice of six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission, the SVP is an extremely capable vehicle. The downside is the reported figures of around 7mpg and emissions of 186g/km for the manual or 196g/km with the automatic transmission. The SVP is Euro6 compliant but it's also rather thirsty and sits at the expensive end of the VED rates.

The same is true of most pick-ups though, and the SVP offers more than usual to offset the higher running costs. Based on the L200 Barbarian Double Cab, the SVP has an aggressive new look, an extensive list of standard kit, and an unexpectedly luxurious interior.

For a start the SVP gets bespoke 17-inch black alloy wheels fitted with BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres to keep it moving. The black look continues with exclusive wheel arch extensions, an all new grille, new light surrounds front and back, rear bumper, and roof rails.

The upgraded exterior also features new shark-fin inspired side-steps, load bed illumination, puddle lamps, and a soft-opening tailgate. The SVP may be a hardy beast but it's not lacking in style and convenience.

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian SVP

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian SVP

Which brings us seamlessly onto an interior - it's almost like we planned it - that's equally packed with touches of luxury and technology. Heated leather seats with “suede-like inserts”, foot-well mood lighting, and illuminated door entry guards mean the SVP is more luxury SUV than utilitarian pick-up. Each vehicle even has its own unique limited edition number and the SVP logo stitched into the headrests.

Standard specification includes SatNav, keyless operation, cruise control, reversing camera, rain and dusk sensors, dual-zone climate control, and smartphone connectivity. We could also mention privacy glass, chrome highlights, LED running lights, and USB connections but you get the picture.

To save you some time we examined the options list and the only items that don't have the word ‘standard' next to them are the gearbox and colour. We're afraid those particular choices are entirely in your hands, although with only two gearboxes and two colours it shouldn't be too hard to decide. Everything else is included in the price.

Lots of people drive pick-ups and there are quite a few to choose from, but few if any offer the exclusivity of the L200 Barbarian SVP. This is a genuine limited edition with only 250 production models planned, half of them in Cosmos Black, the other half Electric Blue metallic. There are lots of reasons to drive a pick-up and the Mitsubishi covers them all so if you're thinking of leasing a new pick-up may we respectfully suggest you get on the phone immediately? You've probably got about five minutes before they sell out.

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