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HMRC publishes Advisory Fuel Rates

 Published 28th February 2022
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Latest AFRs effective from 01 March 2022

Advisory Fuel Rates (ARFs) have been announced by HM Revenue and Customs, which will come into effect from Tuesday 01 March for company car drivers claiming back fuel costs from their employer.

Despite record prices at the pumps, AFRs are largely unchanged, since the last time they were reviewed coincided with another set of high fuel prices.

Rates for both petrol and diesel across all three engine-sizes remain the same as previously published, as does the Advisory Electricity Rate (AER).

AFRs are published at a pence-per-mile (PPM) rate. These provide employers with company car drivers a suggested figure for reimbursement for business mileage, or for use by drivers to reimburse employers for private mileage where all fuel is paid, avoiding paying free fuel tax.

Diesel (inc. hybrid): engine size (cc) Advisory Fuel Rate (AFR)
Up to 1,600cc 11 pence
1,601cc 13 pence
Over 2,000cc 16 pence

Petrol (inc. hybrid): engine size (cc) Advisory Fuel Rate (AFR)
Up to 1,600cc 13 pence
1,601cc 15 pence
Over 2,000cc 22 pence
Electric: fully-electric Advisory Fuel Rate (AFR)
All models 5 pence

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