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Dip into history for another stunning Ford GT Heritage Edition

 Published 15th March 2022
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Depending on your point of view, this is either a celebration of a significant motoring experiment, or another excuse for Ford to throw out another special edition. It doesn't really matter either way because we still get the benefit of a fantastic Ford GT.

As a tribute to Alan Mann Racing's 1966 Ford GT lightweight experimental prototypes, Ford is introducing the Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition. This latest limited-edition celebrates the role the prototypes played in the history of the development of the Ford GT.

The 2022 Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition pays tribute to Alan Mann Racing and the support the team provided to Ford during development of the Le Mans winning cars.

In 1965-66, Alan Mann Racing used lighter materials to create AM GT-1, based on the Mk 1 GT40. This prototype never won a major race, but the lessons learned from the use of lightweight materials helped Ford improve the car and led to its third- and fourth-fastest times in the 1966 Le Mans trials. Ultimately, Ford chose to run the heavier and more powerful 7.0-litre V8 race cars for the rest of the 1966 season, which culminated in a 1-2-3 podium sweep for the Ford GT40 at Le Mans.

That may have marked the end of that particular lightweight version, but it's certainly not the end of the story. The Ford GT Heritage Edition, with its lightweight carbon fibre body recreated for 2022 in the colours and stripes inspired by the original Alan Mann AM GT-1 brings the glitz of 1960s motor racing back to life.

In addition to unique Alan Mann red exterior paint with gold graphics, this limited-edition GT includes a dual over-the-roof racing stripe, Frozen White signature accent stripes and roundels with No. 16 on the doors, bonnet, and rear wing. Exposed carbon fibre features on the 20-inch wheels, front splitter, side sills, mirrors, engine louvres and rear diffuser. Brembo brakes are lacquered in black with red graphics, and black lug nuts finish the look.

Carbon fibre accents the cabin too, appearing on door sills and console, and the Alcantara-wrapped carbon fibre seats feature gold and red accent stitching with embossed seating surfaces and head restraints bearing the GT logo. The rest of the interior is finished in a combination of leather and Alcantara. The instrument panel is trimmed with leather, while pillars and headliner are wrapped in Ebony Alcantara. The steering wheel is also finished in Alcantara with black stitching, while dual-clutch paddle shifters are finished in exterior-matching Alan Mann red.

“Whether it's going like hell at the racetrack or out-innovating the competition, the Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition honours the vehicles that helped lead Ford to its wins,” said Mike Severson, Ford GT program manager. “With its red and gold livery, this Ford GT is inspired by Alan Mann Racing's contribution to our Le Mans-winning story.”

The 2022 Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition debuted alongside one of the original Alan Mann GT40s at the Chicago Motor Show. Although it's a pretty safe bet that if you weren't one of Ford's “Approved Customers” and hadn't already ordered one, all you'll be doing is drooling over it like the rest of us.

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