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Alexa - charge my car

 Published 24th July 2020
Electric Vehicles 

Alexa - what's the weather like today? Alexa - turn the heating down. Alexa - play Radio (insert one of your one choice). Alex - charge my car.

What? Excuse me, did you say…

Well, why not? It seems Alexa can do no end of things from ordering your shopping to playing your favourite Spotify playlist.

And now added to that list is charging your electric car.

Which won't be so useful if you're in a petrol or diesel Skoda, but will be really handy if you drive or decide to lease the all-electric Skoda Citigoe iV or the plug-in hybrid Superb iV.

Using the Amazon Alexa voice assistant you can start or stop charging remotely and check on the remaining range, all from the comfort of your home.

These usual features are part a new range of services added to Skoda Connect with iV owners now able to perform a range of actions to simplify the charging and management of their electric vehicle.

Of course, you have to make sure the car is plugged in first for the function to work, but then all you have to use is the command “Alexa, ask Skoda, I want to start charging my car.” And you're off. Or rather, the electricity is, filling up the electric ‘tank' with energy.

What's more there will be plenty of further opportunities to play with Skoda Connect technology with the Octavia iV and Octavia iV vRS plug-in hybrids due later this year.

This will also cover Google's Home device with the same features and works in exactly the same way to Amazon's Alexa.

All you need to do now is say, Alexa - get me a great Skoda lease !

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