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Alfa Romeo announces new Giulia and Stelvio models

 Published 22nd November 2022
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There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says good things come in pairs. Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, Kermit and Miss Piggy, even socks and windscreen wipers come with a partner. Keen to get in on the act, the Italians are now offering another fantastic pairing in the shape of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia and the new Stelvio.

It really doesn't get much better than a pair of new Alfas.

Both the Giulia saloon and the SUV Stelvio have already won over many people with the traditional Alfa Romeo combination of great handling and amazing looks. Both now feature updates to those stunning good looks, a few tweaks under the skin to make them great fun to drive, and there's also a new range-topping Competizione edition to tempt you.

updated Alfa Romeo Giulia

The headlights are the biggest change to the front and in a welcome nod to classic Alfas of the past, now feature new 3+3 light clusters with full-LED Adaptive Matrix headlights. The new design not only creates a unique front for the Giulia and Stelvio, it also ensures the best lighting thanks to adaptive beam technology and segmented light clusters that can detect traffic in both directions and adjust themselves to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

The front and lower grilles of the two main air ducts have also been given a unique finish to accentuate that unmistakable Alfa face. The new LED tail lights differ slightly between the two models, the Stelvio featuring clear lenses while those on the new Giulia come with a smoked lens with a glossy black finish.

The most significant interior update can be seen in the instrument panel with its historic ‘telescopic' design. It now includes a digital 12.3-inch TFT screen, where all the vehicle information and settings for the autonomous driving technologies can be accessed. The instrument cluster can now be configured into three layouts: Evolved, Relax and Heritage.

Depending on your mood you can choose between the three display options. Evolved represents the future of Alfa Romeo design and uses the central area of the screen, despite keeping its two lateral quadrants in place.

Relax focuses on comfort, is free of detailed vehicle information and is without the two quadrants so you can just cruise along in peace.

Heritage is inspired by the brand's iconic Sixties and Seventies models, with distinctive details like inverted numbers at the end of the speedometer for a cool twist to your driving experience.

updated Alfa Romeo Stelio

In terms of trim levels, the new Giulia and Stelvio follow the same simple strategy recently introduced with the Stelvio's little brother, the petrol-hybrid Tonale. To make configuring your new car as easy as possible there is a choice of two trim levels, Sprint and Veloce. The Sprint trim is the entry model, while the Veloce enhances the performance and sportiness of the cars. No doubt there will be a few other things on the options list to allow you to really personalise your car as well.

Under the bonnet the Giulia range will be available with the rear-wheel drive 280bhp petrol engine, while the Stelvio will come with the choice of the all-wheel-drive 280bhp petrol or 210bhp diesel engines.

Special Competizione launch edition

Or if you want to treat yourself to something special there is that Competizione special series we mentioned.

Based on the Veloce trim and available with every engine, this special launch edition also features an exclusive Moon Light grey matt finish, red brake callipers, and huge 21-inch alloy wheels. The interior gets a Harman/Kardon audio system upgrade and leather-upholstered dashboard and seats with red stitching. Privacy glass and the Competizione badge on the sides and front headrests are also included. The Competizione trim gets the electronically controlled Alfa active suspension as standard too, so handling should perfectly match the sporty looks.

The only downside is that neither the new Giulia nor the Stelvio will be available until sometime in the spring. Until then you'll just have to be content to dance around with excitement as you think about leasing your brand-new Alfa Romeo.

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