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All electric Ford Explorer is on the way

 Published 20th April 2023
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If your lease deal is due for renewal later this year you're probably thinking about what to replace it with already. If that thought process involves an SUV or an EV this might be of interest to you. And, if you're combining the two and you fancy an electric SUV, the brand-new, all electric Ford Explorer is definitely going to be of interest.

The new Explorer is at the forefront of a wave of innovative new EVs from Ford as it moves to an all-electric line-up of passenger vehicles by 2030. The Explorer is the first model to be built at scale in the new Ford Cologne EV Campus in Germany.

The mid-size crossover has seats for five across two rows and is fully equipped with a host of new technology and design features. Details haven't been fully revealed yet but expect a range of options including rear and all-wheel drive, and power outputs from around 170bhp to more than 300bhp in range-topping specification.

An aerodynamic exterior captures the essence of Ford's iconic American SUVs – albeit with a new front end replacing the traditional grille, as is the case with most EVs. The futuristic exterior styling is matched by an ultra-modern interior with premium materials and features such as sculpted seats and a sophisticated soundbar you might expect to see in a concept car rather than a family vehicle.

Standard specification includes heated front seats and steering wheel, a massaging driver's seat, and climate control that allows driver and front passenger to choose their own temperature. You also get keyless entry and hands-free power tailgate that allows access to the boot when your hands are full using a simple kicking motion beneath the rear bumper.

The electric Ford Explorer also embraces the digital experience, helping drivers and passengers stay connected and comfortable on the move.

Ford Explorer interior

Features include a SYNC Move supersized movable touchscreen and connected infotainment system, wireless app integration, and advanced driver assistance technology. The Explorer's infotainment system boasts a movable 14.6-inch touchscreen that can smoothly slide up and down and also conceals a private locker storage space for valuables. The system is Apple and Android compatible, and there's also a special compartment for two large smartphones that comes with wireless device charging as standard.

As well as the hidden locker behind the touchscreen, the 17-litre console between driver and front-seat passenger can also hold a 15-inch laptop. In total, the electric Ford Explorer boasts a whopping 450 litres of storage so there's no shortage of cubby holes to lose things in.

All that style and technology also comes with the ability to fast charge from 10 to 80 per cent in just 25 minutes.

Your Explorer can help find the most convenient pit stops on the road, with access to 21,000 charge points across the UK on Ford's Blue Oval Charging Network. By 2024, you will even have access to more than 500,000 charging points in 25 countries across Europe. Charging at home can also be scheduled to use cheaper electricity and energy tariffs – if you're going to be driving an EV you should really be on one of the special EV tariffs anyway - and to deliver a full battery and pre-warmed cabin for early starts.

Ford Explorer rear

Ford is marketing the new electric Explorer as the perfect combination of American styling and German engineering. That's actually not a bad combination. You get big comfy seats, loads of technology, a comfortable ride, and decent reliability. The added bonus of emission free motoring and a range that should easily exceed 300 miles isn't to be sniffed at either.

The brand-new electric Ford Explorer will be available to order later this year so bear it in mind as your lease renewal date approaches.

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