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300+ mile range for all-electric Toyota bZ4X

 Published 11th May 2022
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Toyota has announced that the bZ4X - its first bZ (Beyond Zero) pure-electric model - has a driving range of up to 317 miles on a charge.

The front-wheel drive model achieves this headline figure, while the all-wheel drive version manages to cover up to 285 miles.

These figures are made possible by a 71.4 kWh battery, with the front-wheel drive managing 4.3 miles/kWh, and the AWD version 3.9 miles/kWh.

With 25 years of experience of developing electric systems with its hybrid vehicle programme, Toyota is backing its pure-electric SUV with a significant warranty.

The bZ4X's battery is covered by a 10 year warranty or up to 620,000 miles, guaranteeing a battery capacity of at least 70% by that time. All vehicles come with a complimentary package that covers home and public charging requirements, and roadside assistance.

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