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Ford kicks off all-new Ranger line-up with some V6 muscle

 Published 21st November 2022
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Sometimes subtlety just doesn't do the job. If you've ever subscribed to the “Go big or go home” approach we've got your next lease right here.

A unique combination of power, practicality, capability, and commanding road presence. Oh, and it's also a pick-up truck. First deliveries of the all-new version of the Ford Ranger pick-up will start with the high-performance Ranger Raptor.

Developed by Ford Performance, the all-new Ranger Raptor is the ultimate performance version of the latest Ford Ranger. With smarter technology and tougher hardware, Ranger Raptor adds raw power to create the most advanced Ranger ever.

Suitably wrapped with flared wheel arches, vents and rugged chunks of bodywork, the Ford Ranger Raptor sits on muscular 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in Raptor-exclusive performance all-terrain tyres. You can choose from seven exterior colours, including striking, Raptor-unique Code Orange or Conquer Grey. Ford also offers Raptor splash decal graphics that add “race-inspired character”.

The interior features all-new, jet fighter-inspired sports seats in the front and rear to increase comfort and offer more support during high-speed cornering. A premium leather sports heated steering wheel and cast-magnesium paddle shifters completes the sporty feel.

The high-tech cabin also features a 12.4-inch all-digital cluster and 12-inch centre touchscreen with Ford's new-generation connectivity and entertainment system. That means you get smartphone connectivity as standard and a 10-speaker B&O sound system to play with.

The biggest news is the introduction of a twin-turbo 3.0-litre EcoBoost V6 petrol engine hiding under the immense bonnet.

Tuned by Ford Performance and adding some of the technology from the Ford GT and Focus ST models allows the engine to produce 290bhp and a large chunk of torque. There's even an electronically-controlled active exhaust system to add a suitable soundtrack. This amplifies the engine note in four selectable modes enabling Ranger Raptor to adapt its vocal character: Quiet mode tones it down to keep the peace with neighbours on early mornings; Normal mode offers a nice growl without being too loud for street use; Sport mode largely speaks – or shouts - for itself; and in Baja mode the exhaust behaves more like a straight-through pipe and is largely intended for off-road use when you're miles away from anyone likely to complain about the avalanche you've just triggered.

And speaking of off-road capability, the Ranger Raptor has that covered too.

Designed to dominate the desert and master the mountains, the Ranger Raptor features some serious engineering under the skin.

Seven selectable drive modes and re-engineered suspension make light work of any terrain you care to throw it at, and the new full-time four-wheel drive system is electronically controlled with locking front and rear differentials so getting stuck shouldn't be a worry. The system features three on-road settings – Normal, Sport, and Slippery – and four off-road settings – Rock Crawl, Sand, Mud/Ruts, and Baja which turns everything up to 11 for peak off-road performance.

The all-new Ranger Raptor also features Trail Control, which is like cruise control for off-roading. This allows you to set a speed up to 20mph and the truck will manage its own acceleration and braking while you concentrate on steering through the terrain.

Pick-up trucks are becoming increasingly popular for their practicality and the simple fact that these utilitarian vehicles are quite often accompanied by the sort of leather-clad interiors usually found in an executive saloon. Lease yourself the new Ford Ranger Raptor and you can get all of that alongside lots of power and performance.

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