Plug-in top-down fun: MINI electrifies popular Convertible

 Published 24th March 2023
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An all-electric version of the MINI Convertible has been launched, with the drop-top EV set to be limited to 150 units in the UK.

Prices are set at £52,500 for the MINI Electric Convertible, so it's around £20,000 more than the electric MINI hatchback, and this will be reflected in leasing costs. But then it is the only convertible electric car available, so those wanting an EV with limitless headroom have a choice of one.

A fixed specification will get customers the same electric powertrain as the MINI Electric hatchback, which gives drivers a range of 124 miles on a charge in the Convertible - a drop of around 20 miles on the hatch.

For the exterior, customers can pick between black or silver paint, but everything else is fixed. Design details like headlight surrounds and door handles are finished in bronze, and there are black MINI logos. The black theme continues inside with leather heated sports seats and multi-function steering wheel, and piano black fascia panels fitted.

Performance is still sharp with a 0-62mph time of 8.2 seconds thanks to a 135 kW (184hp) motor. MINI has worked on making the Electric Convertible more efficiently as well, with features such as using secondary aluminium for the 17-inch alloy wheels, and green electricity in the manufacturing process to help significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to conventional methods.

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