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All-New Renault Austral e-tech Hybrid Goes on Sale

 Published 4th July 2023
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Back in the late 1950s a new art film movement emerged characterised by its rejection of tradition in favour of innovation and experimentation. La Nouvelle Vague – New Wave, for those of us who aren't fluent in French – weren't afraid to push boundaries to create something new, and it appears Renault is taking the same approach with its latest SUV: the all-new Renault Austral E-Tech.

A highly connected and innovative SUV for the modern, electrified world, the all-new Austral E-Tech full hybrid is designed to play a key role in helping Renault conquer the mid-size SUV segment.

The new Austral E-Tech is the first Renault built on the latest CMF-CD platform and is coupled with the powerful and efficient E-Tech full hybrid powertrain. It also brings an innovative, user-focused cockpit and a range of advanced technologies to the table.

All models are powered by a new 200bhp petrol hybrid powertrain with a 1.7kWh lithium-ion battery.

An electric-only mode offers quiet and zero emissions city driving, while the battery recharges when decelerating and braking to offer a truly electric experience with no need to plug in. According to Renault, that makes the new Austral E-Tech one of the most fuel-efficient hybrid cars in the Renault line-up, with emissions as low as 105g/km and achieving around 60mpg.


Available in three trims - Techno, Techno esprit Alpine, and Iconic esprit Alpine – features cutting-edge Google connectivity, an array of driver, safety and parking systems as standard, and all packaged in a new, sporty SUV design. The new Austral E-Tech also features a brand-new interior design with a high-tech cockpit and passenger compartment exuding quality, practicality, and spaciousness.

All versions benefit from the 12-inch multimedia screen, 12.3-inch driver information display and 9.3-inch head-up display as standard. The section of the screen devoted to the instrument panel offers four display options, depending on what you need at any given moment: Classic (speed, rpm, etc), Navigation (maps), Zen (minimalist), and Road (visualisation of the surrounding road and traffic). The widely customisable dashboard display also features five widgets (fuel economy, tyre pressure, distance, eco-monitor for the eco driving score, music) and eight lighting colours.

It's also equipped with a wireless phone charger, two USB Type-C ports and a 12V socket. Two additional USB Type-C ports are also available on the back of the comfort console to allow rear seat passengers to charge their mobile devices.

There's also a unique interior lighting feature officially known as ‘Living Lights', which adapts to the exterior light and automatically changes colour every 30 minutes.

By day, cool shades highlight the car's interior design and accentuate the technological aspects. By night, the ambiance is different as a warm halo of light shrouds the driver and passengers in a comforting glow for extra comfort.


Depending on the trim and chosen extras, the interior of the all-new Austral E-Tech full hybrid incorporates Alcantara, man-made leather, and padded textiles. On all versions, the front and rear seats have been designed for optimal comfort. If you choose the Techno esprit Alpine trim or higher you also get an electric driver's seat with power adjustment, lumbar massaging, and heated seats for both driver and passenger.

The look and feel of the new Renault Austral E-Tech hybrid, coupled with the latest high-tech equipment and connected services should make this an extremely popular choice for anyone considering leasing a mid-size SUV. It oozes quality and it's definitely not short of space and practicality either. To be honest, we can't really think of any reasons why it wouldn't be a great choice for your next lease car.

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