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Watch out for the all-new Skoda Kodiaq

 Published 3rd November 2023
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If you need space, comfort and practicality from your car then leasing a large SUV is a simple choice. Deciding which one to lease can be a little more complicated though. There's a whole lot of choice in this particular segment of the market, and now Skoda has come along and made it even more difficult.

The second-generation Skoda Kodiaq is about to hit the road and there's an awful lot of reasons why you might want one.

The new and improved Kodiaq is Skoda's flagship model and the engineers and designers have put in many, many hours of work to make it even better than the outgoing model. Skoda launched the first generation of the Kodiaq back in 2016 and the large SUV model has helped turn the brand into a truly global player. It's just one of the advantages of being part of the formidable VW group. The outgoing Skoda Kodiaq featured enough space, advanced technology, and clever features to pick up more than 40 awards from around the world. And now Skoda has to try and beat that with the new one.

The new Kodiaq takes the features Skoda customers have appreciated to the next level

new skoda kodiaq rear

There's more space, more features, and more efficiency. You'll also get new exterior design features and an interior full of eco-friendly touches.

On the exterior, the updated Skoda Kodiaq features a new sculpted bonnet sporting a revised logo and finished in Dark Chrome to match the hexagonal grille. There are also aerodynamically contoured exterior mirrors, redesigned front and rear bumpers, aerodynamic wheels, an extended roof spoiler, and integrated roof rails added to the mix.

There's also an option of second-generation TOP LED Matrix headlights that contain 50 percent more light segments and offer 15 percent more light output than the first generation. The whole thing is also a little bit bigger so it's even more imposing on the road as well as creating some extra space on the inside. There are even some new wheel choices ranging from 17-inch to 20-inch alloys.

The new Skoda Kodiaq also comes with a completely redesigned interior

This new interior also includes a new set of controls.

new skoda kodiaq interior

The free-standing infotainment screen measures up to 13-inches (the standard screen is 10-inches) and sits just above the new Skoda Smart Dials, providing quick access to numerous vehicle functions. The smart dials can each control a number of different functions through a combination of long presses, short presses, and twists so you don't have a dashboard covered in buttons and switches. On top of that you can also get an improved climate control system, massage seats covered with recycled eco-fabrics, loads of USB sockets, wireless charging, and a permanent internet connection for over the air updates. The new Skoda Kodiaq even includes a built-in umbrella and ice scraper so you don't have to hunt around when the weather turns nasty.

The new Skoda Kodiaq is available with two diesel and two petrol engines delivering outputs from 150bhp up to 204bhp. Skoda has also introduced a plug-in hybrid option to the second-generation Kodiaq.

The entry-level 1.5 TSI marks the debut of mild-hybrid technology in the Kodiaq, while the top two petrol and diesel options – the 204bhp 2.0 TSI and the 193bhp version of the 2.0 TDI diesel - come with all-wheel drive as standard. All of the new engine choices are mated with a seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox.

The Kodiaq iV is likely to be the stand-out model of the second generation. As the first ever Kodiaq plug-in hybrid, it features the latest version of the 1.5 TSI with a generous battery capacity of 25.7 kWh. This enables an all-electric range of more than 60 miles, which is plenty enough for most real-world driving, with the added benefit of much improved fuel economy.

To date, 841,900 Kodiaqs have been produced and sold in 60 markets worldwide. This all-new flagship SUV has everything it needs to be a worthy successor in the Skoda Kodiaq line, even if it does make your decision of what to lease a little bit harder.

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