Sharper styling and improved kit for new Tesla Model 3

 Published 16th October 2023
New Launches 

As part of a comprehensive refresh, Tesla has given its hugely popular Model 3 saloon new styling, as well as a variety of tweaks in the cabin and under the skin to improve the best-selling EV.

The changes are most noticeable with a new front-end design, though the rear has been tweaked too. Slimmer, sharper styling elements have been brought in to the Tesla Model 3 design, creating a more premium and cohesive look. Not only does the design improve the car's appearance, it also boosts aerodynamic efficiency.

A best range of 423 miles

This - as well as some improvements to motor and battery technology - mean the longest range available is now 423 miles on a charge for the Model 3 Long Range version. This sees range boosted by almost 50 miles over the outgoing version, despite the battery capacity remaining the same. The entry-level rear-wheel drive version gets more than 40 miles added to its range, and now offers 346 miles to customers.

Other than the new front-end however, the most obvious changes come in the cabin, where Tesla has decluttered an already uncluttered interior. There are now no stalks at all, with the drive-selector replaced by buttons on the car's touchscreen to choose. The indicator stalk has been replaced by a button on the steering wheel - which smacks of change for change's sake, as many European drivers need to indicate when the wheel is already turned, perhaps having to work out A) where the button is on the wheel, and B) which one needs pressing to indicate the right way.

Away from the controversial stalk removal, the rest of the interior has seen Tesla promise improved build quality, larger storage bins, a new steering wheel design, and a small screen between the front seats for rear passengers, which can control heating systems in the rear, or even show YouTube videos.

Pricing details are yet to be announced, as are the exact specifications of models available in the UK, but the new version is due to arrive in early 2024 when we will have the latest lease prices available for the Model 3.

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