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The new EM90 - Volvo does people carriers

 Published 25th September 2023
New Launches 

As far as teasers go, this one is an absolute doozy. We know absolutely nothing about the current best-kept secret in the world of cars, yet somehow it's still quite exciting. We know it's electric, it's an MPV, it's described as a “living room on the move”, and it will be making its global debut on the 12th of November. We also know it's the brand-new Volvo EM90.

The EM90 will be Volvo's first MPV and the first non-SUV model launched by the brand since the most recent S60 saloon came out in 2019.

The teaser image is a single overhead shot so we can't really tell anything about it beyond the practical, traditionally-Volvo boxy looks and the panoramic roof that should make it pleasant and airy on the inside. Volvo hasn't revealed any technical details so anything beyond that is complete guesswork at this point.

But, seeing as everyone else is doing it, we'll have a guess anyway.

There's no official confirmation, but rumour seems to suggest that the Volvo EM90 will be based on China's Zeekr 009 – both Volvo and Zeekr fall under the umbrella of the Geely Group – which is a luxury six-seater MPV. The Zeekr 009 also shares a platform with the Volvo EX30 SUV so that would make sense.

Whether Volvo's take on the MPV will match the performance figures of the Zeekr remains to be seen, though. The 009 claims a range of 511 miles and a whopping 536bhp from its 140kWh battery. Its twin-motor shifts its almost 3 tonne bulk to 60mph in around 4.5 seconds.

In this case, it's a little more likely that the EM90 will be more closely matched to the Volvo's EX90 electric SUV. That could mean a twin-motor setup with around 400bhp powertrain and a range in the region of 350 miles. The Volvo EX90 also offers fast-charging, managing a 10-80 per cent charge in around half an hour.

If the Volvo does take inspiration for the EM90 from its electric SUVs you can expect it to feature a beautifully minimalist interior with lots of comfort and technology, too.

Volvo has been moving upmarket for a good number of years now and the EM90 should certainly fit with that trend. Volvo is claiming the interior will be like “a Scandinavian living room on the move”. Given the airy and luxurious interiors in Volvo's existing range that rules out the Ikea vibe and replaces it with lots of sustainable materials, space, and comfort.

Despite the excitement about exactly what the new Volvo EM90 will actually be like, there is an unfortunate downside in all of this.

Volvo has already taken the decision to stop selling its iconic estate cars in the UK in favour of its range of SUVs. That might mean that the EM90 MPV may not make it over here at all.

MPVs are still big-sellers in China - hence the reason why the Volvo EM90 will be launched there first - but it's still unknown whether or not Volvo will introduce it to the UK market. And if it does eventually make it to the UK it's also likely to carry a price tag approaching six-figures, although there's no doubt you'd be getting an awful lot for your money.

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