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All new Volkswagen Amarok will launch later this year

 Published 19th May 2022
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Volkswagen has revealed a completely new generation of its Amarok pick-up will arrive towards the end of 2022. We say revealed, but as you can see from the stealth paintwork, VW is still keeping a few secrets to itself.

The new VW Amarok will be aiming to keep its place as top choice of the pick-up market with excellent specification, an expanded array of driver assist features and a much larger range of drive systems than its predecessor.

Despite the disguise, it is already possible to tell that the new model is a little bigger. A wheelbase of 3,270 mm equates to an increase of 175 mm – as a result there is more space in the double cab without sacrificing load space. The payload itself is also increased – now you can carry up to 1.2 tonnes - and a maximum towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes is now possible across more engine/gearbox variants, so the Amarok will remain a very practical piece of kit.

Engine and gearbox options are still a little vague and will depend on which market you happen to be living in.

Volkswagen says it's offering the new Amarok with one petrol and up to four different diesels with four or six cylinders and a cubic capacity ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 litres. There will also be rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options, and no doubt there will also be a choice of manual or automatic gearboxes. There will also be single and double cab variants, although exactly which options and configurations will be available in the UK will no doubt be confirmed closer to the launch date.

We clearly can't confirm much on the looks while it's still wearing its camouflage either.

What we do know is that VW claims the latest Amarok has been beefed up to look even more imposing on the road. Big bonnet, wide grille, and LED headlights are standard on all models, with an option to upgrade to VW's IQ Light system. The wide tailgate is also framed by LED lights as standard, and the word ‘Amarok' is embossed right across the tailgate. As in the previous model, there is still sufficient space between the wheel arches for a euro pallet to be loaded in sideways and strapped in place to the lashing rings.

In keeping with most modern pick-ups, the Amarok's interior will feature a blend of functionality and high-quality appearance. To underscore the quality side of the equation, there is an exclusive sound system option, you get leather-look surfaces of the instrument panel and door panels with distinctive decorative stitching, big comfortable seats with an electrical adjustment option, and the rear offers enough space for three adult passengers.

There will be five trim versions of the new Amarok. The range starts with the entry-level ‘Amarok' and is followed by the ‘Life' and ‘Style' variants. Volkswagen will also be creating two range-topping versions - the ‘PanAmericana' will concentrate on the off-road character, while the ‘Aventura' is likely to be preferred by those who favour on-road comforts.

It doesn't actually launch until the end of 2022 so it's a little early to be arranging your lease just yet. Time does have a habit of flying though, so if your current lease is up later this year the VW Amarok might be one worth considering.

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