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Brand-new Volkswagen ID.7 offers spacious luxury

 Published 23rd November 2023
New Launches 

Every manufacturer has one of those top-of-the-range flagship models that are quite important for the brand. Not necessarily in terms of sales – they do tend to carry flagship price tags after all – but as a means to demonstrate how clever the engineers can be, and what features you might find on the models further down the range in a year or two. That being the case, Volkswagen drivers could be in for a treat once the brand-new VW ID.7 starts to trickle down.

The ID.7 is Volkswagen's first all-electric upper mid-sized car and is the brand's latest top-of-the-range ID. model.

Following its world premiere in April this year, the VW ID.7 has already attracted lots of positive feedback for its sleek design, premium features, and outstanding efficiency. Now it's gone on sale in the UK lease drivers will have a serious contender to consider when it comes to a roomy and luxurious car.

The ID.7 couldn't be anything but roomy considering it's almost five metres long.

The long wheelbase and short overhangs create exceptional interior space while the elegantly sloping roof and coupe looks make it both appealingly stylish and aerodynamically efficient.

Making it feel even more airy and spacious is the new panoramic roof that features smart glass that can be switched between opaque and transparent via touch control. You can even open the roof with a voice command if you fancy pretending you're driving a spaceship.

Even the front seats are high-tech with new optional ergoActive premium seats featuring innovative massage programmes, automatic air conditioning and an advanced activation function for muscle groups in the spine and pelvic regions.

vw id.7

The ID.7 is also equipped with a head-up display and a new 15-inch infotainment system with ‘favourites' buttons you can assign your most used features to. Interior temperature can even be optimised with new smart air conditioning which detects the key as you approach and automatically starts up so the car is always the perfect temperature when you get in.

Best-in-class assistance systems are also included, such as Travel Assist, which introduces assisted lane changing at speeds above 55mph on motorways, and automatic parking with memory function over a distance of up to 50 metres.

The technology doesn't end with the interior either.

The introductory model, the ID.7 Pro Launch Edition, boasts Volkswagen's newly developed APP550 drive unit. That probably won't mean much to you but what might appeal is the fact it's the most powerful and highest-torque electric drive motor in a Volkswagen ID. model so far.

With the electric equivalent of 285bhp underneath your right foot there's plenty of power for effortless cruising as well as the occasional overtaking opportunity. The electric drive system also allows fast DC charging at up to 175 kW and offers an extensive 384-mile range so you shouldn't be charging very often, or for very long. There's also a larger-battery version of the ID.7 due to arrive in 2024 which will allow charging at up to 200 kW and is projected to have a range of about 430 miles – enough to drive from London to Edinburgh without stopping.

Volkswagen is clearly very excited about its new flagship model. The ID.7 is a hugely attractive package, offering state-of-the-art technologies, premium comfort, and a high degree of everyday usability. If you're currently thinking about leasing yourself an executive EV, then leasing the VW ID.7 should be high on your list.

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