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Audi launches new charging service

 Published 12th January 2023
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So, a new year means a new car for a lot of lease customers. That also means a likely increase in the number of drivers making the switch from an old-fashioned car to one of those new-fangled electric vehicles.

Switching to an EV makes more and more sense with every new development in the technology. But, as Audi will happily tell you after launching its new charging service, it's not just the car that makes a difference to the electric experience.

By 2026 every new Audi developed will be fully electric as the brand charges ahead to become, what it hopes, is the world's leading provider of sustainable, premium mobility. Helping accelerate this is the new Audi charging service, allowing drivers to charge conveniently and reliably almost anywhere in Europe.

EV and PHEV Audi drivers eligible for new charging service

Anyone leasing a new Audi can now get access to the new charging service that launched on 01 January, and every single battery and plug-in hybrid vehicle will be eligible for the new subscription packages. The new Audi charging service offers access to approximately 400,000 charging points across the continent, operated by more than 800 different charge point operators including roughly 1,900 high-performance chargers from IONITY.

The Audi e-tron Charging Service, which was launched four years ago after the introduction of Audi's first fully electric model, will be replaced and new customers as well as drivers of current Audi models will switch to the new service with a choice of three different tariffs – basic, plus & pro. Customers will be able to charge at competitive rates from day one.

The location of compatible charging points is integrated into the vehicle's infotainment system and in the myAudi app, which can be used to send a pre-planned route to the car. Once you've arrived at the charging station it can then be unlocked and the charging process started via the provided card or with the app. Billing is handled via the means of payment that has been saved in the myAudi app, such as a credit or debit card.

The “Plug & Charge” function, which is even more convenient and available on Q4 e-tron and Q8 e-tron models mid-2023, is already available at IONITY and will be offered at more providers in the future. After activating the feature from inside the vehicle, the car and the charging station communicate via an encrypted connection, which allows the charging process to start automatically as soon as the connector is plugged into the vehicle.

Within the myAudi app customers can also manage their contract and even switch to a different tariff if necessary. The app also indicates the prices of the selected charging station and clearly summarises all charging processes so you'll know in advance how much it will cost to fill the battery.

The pro tariff is aimed primarily at EV drivers who frequently have to charge on the road. In the UK, the monthly base fee is £12.95, but drivers will benefit from a lower price of £0.35 per kilowatt hour at AC charging points and £0.43 at fast DC charging points. Recharging on the IONITY is even more attractive with the pro tariff costing only £0.31 per kilowatt hour.

For drivers who only need to charge on the road occasionally, the plus tariff is available, with a monthly fee of £6.95. This option offers economical prices at AC and DC charging stations. The basic tariff has no monthly fee, but kilowatt prices are higher, and is designed for those who mostly charge at home and only occasionally need to top up on longer journeys.

Audi charging is exclusively for Audi customers who drive a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Not that you really need another excuse to lease yourself a new Audi.

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