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Award-winning Toyota makes which car you lease next an easier choice

 Published 15th November 2021
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Choosing which car to lease usually starts with that exact question: which car should I lease? Which is a question that's now a little easier to answer thanks to Which?. The consumer magazine has provided the answer to which car you should choose with its Which? Car Brand of the Year award.

Confused? It's very simple really. Consumer expert Which? has named Toyota its brand of the year for the second year running.

The winners of the 15th annual Which? Awards were recently announced, highlighting the brands that went above and beyond in a very difficult year. The awards cover a 12-month period that saw businesses grapple with coronavirus restrictions, supply-chain disruption, and the ongoing impacts of Brexit.

Being Which? the awards obviously covered a whole range of products and services, including travel, banking, large appliances, home technology and lots more. The winning brands went the extra mile for consumers, providing outstanding products or services and maintaining high levels of customer support in challenging conditions.

In the car category, the overall winner was Toyota, with Honda, Lexus, Mazda, and Skoda also making the final shortlist.

As far as Which? is concerned, Toyota comes out on top on the basis that more than half of the Toyotas tested in the last year have been declared a “Best Buy”. It scored highly in the small car, medium estate, and sports car categories, and the brand's range of hybrid options earned it extra points for environmental impact.

The Which? judging panel were clearly impressed: “Toyota remains a firm favourite of UK car buyers. Its affordable and diverse range of models are rated highly for overall reliability, while its commitment to hybrid technology has proved popular with buyers looking to improve their car's environmental impact, without the impracticalities of a full electric vehicle. As well as having a continued commitment to hydrogen fuel-cell technology as an alternative to battery electric vehicles – with this year's launch of the second-generation Mirai saloon – Toyota has announced its first BEV, due for launch next year.”

Toyota is obviously feeling quite pleased about this, and to be fair, it is with good reason.

Let's face it, cars come in three basic sizes. You're either going to be driving a small city car or hatchback, a medium-sized saloon or estate, or some kind of chunky off-road option. There's a huge amount of choice within those categories, and Toyota has them all pretty much covered. Add to that the sports cars and commercial vehicles and there isn't a niche Toyota can't help you fill.

You'll see what we mean if you take a look at the range of Toyotas on offer .

Looking to lease a small city car or hatchback? The little Aygo is excellent and the latest Yaris with its hybrid engine is superb. The fire-breathing GR Yaris also happens to be one of the best cars of the last 12 months and is utterly brilliant.

If you need something a little roomier there's the ever-practical Corolla in a choice of hatchback, saloon, or estate versions. The Prius is still going strong if you want the environmental benefits of the hybrid electric, or you could get rid of the batteries all together and opt for the hydrogen fuelled Mirai.

Getting above the rest of the traffic is also an option well catered for. For those looking for something a bit chunkier, there's the new Highlander, or the funky C-HR, or the dependable RAV4, or the even better RAV4 PHEV, or the seemingly indestructible and planet conquering Land Cruiser, and you get the point…

Oh, and the GR Supra also happens to be a fantastic car to drive, and if you go for the 3.0-litre, straight six engine you'll be storming to 60mph in a touch over 4 seconds and doing a limited 155mph flat out.

On the basis of being able to offer something to everyone, it's only fair Toyota should be allowed to feel a little bit smug at the moment.

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