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BMW 3 Series gets business friendly with four PHEV options

 Published 22nd April 2020
Company Fleet 

IF you thought that driving a BMW 3 Series on the business was a) too expensive and b) too expensive, then stop right there.

It's not.

It's definitely not when you consider a business lease on the new range of BMW 330e models that has been expanded from one model to four.

Let's start with reason a) for not driving BMW's fine executive saloon. We have a special offer on the 330e with a rental from just £340 + VAT a month .

So we can agree that's not too spiteful.

And let's turn to reason b). It's not expensive on benefit in kind taxation because it's a plug-in hybrid (also called a PHEV). In the case of the BMW 330e it can travel up to 36 miles on just battery power alone.

Since April 06, 2020, the taxation of the BMW 330e is just 10% on the company car tax scale.

So plenty of reasons to celebrate.

But there's more.

Those people at BMW have decided to expand the BMW 3 Series PHEV range. Instead of just one model, there are now four.

In addition to the 330e saloon, there will now be a Touring estate model available from summer 2020. BMW says it will be able to travel up to 34 miles in zero emission mode. And for those business users who require four-wheel drive, BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive models will also be available in both saloon and Touring from summer 2020, as well.

So plenty of reasons to re-evaluate the BMW 3 Series. If you're interested in business contract hire on the 3 Series PHEV, we can help not only with the deal, but explain further the low benefit in kind you can enjoy. Call our business advisers on 01299 407 360.

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