BMW the most reliable car brand

 Published 2nd November 2022
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And the BMW 3 Series is the most reliable model

If your fleet requires cast-iron reliability, then look no further than the blue and white propeller badge of BMW.

The company has just been named the most reliable fleet brand in the recent FN50 report of the biggest leasing companies.

Each year the leasing firms are asked to report back on the vehicles they manage - 1.71m vehicles (including commercial vehicles) - and name the brands and models that perform well for reliability and those that are not (although there is no data on the bad boys supplied).

But what's clear is that BMW and, in particular the 3 Series, are the star performers. For this is the eighth successive year that the Munich-based company has won the accolade of most reliable manufacturer.

In second place was Audi and in third was Toyota as most reliable car brands.

Perhaps more telling in the model list was the fact that the ‘electric executive alternative' to the 3 Series, the Tesla Model 3, finished in second place.

It's a highly impressive performance from the all-electric brand, the car finishing 15th last year but gaining fans for its reliability as well as surging sales as more fleet drivers opt for the Tesla as a company car. In terms of brand, Tesla ended up in sixth.

Third most reliable car was the Audi A4, followed by the Toyota Corolla.

“It's interesting to see that the Tesla Model 3 - the leading car of the electric fleet revolution - is not only satisfying drivers for it driving excellence but the fact that it's also a supremely reliable car for business drivers and fleet operators,” commented Rob Marshall, Operations Director of Gateway2Lease.

“It will be interesting to see how the table changes in the future as older fleet cars wind out of the leasing inventory to be replaced by the new wave of electric vehicles. Signs are, from what we're seeing, is that they will prove very reliable indeed.”

Most reliable car brands


2 Audi

3 Toyota

4 Volkswagen

5 Mercedes-Benz

6 Tesla

7 Skoda

8 Honda

9 Volvo

10 Hyundai

Most reliable car models

1 BMW 3 Series

2 Tesla Model 3

3 Audi A4

4 Toyota Corolla

5 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

6 Volkswagen Golf

7 Audi A3

8 Volvo XV40

9 Honda Civic

10 Toyota C-HR

Source: FN50

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