The brand-new Cupra Tavascan

 Published 13th June 2023
New Launches 

Cupra hasn't been around for very long. This clearly doesn't matter because in the space of just five years it's become one of the fastest growing car brands in Europe. In 2018 there wasn't a single Cupra on the road and now there are more than 300,000. Following the launch of the brand-new Cupra Tavascan that number is likely to grow even more.

The Cupra Tavascan is the brand's first all-electric SUV coupe, and its second fully electric model after the Cupra Born. If it turns out to be even half as impressive as the Born when it goes on sale next year it'll be another tick in the success box for the Spanish carmaker.

Not that the success should really come as a surprise. Cupra is a standalone brand from SEAT, and the SEAT brand is part of the Volkswagen group, so there's plenty of experience when it comes to building cars that people want to buy.

Cupra first revealed the concept for the new Tavascan back in 2019, and the car that is going into production is remarkably true to that concept.


Leasing an SUV coupe is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the great combination of interior space and exterior styling. With its sporty proportions, sharp lines, and distinctive “three-eyed” matrix LED headlights the Cupra Tavascan does nothing to risk that popularity. Sitting on those 21-inch forged alloy wheels, it's a genuinely good-looking car and we can't wait to see one in the flesh….or metal.

The interior is equally striking with its central spine separating the driver and passenger into individual cocoon-like cockpits. Just looking at the images gives you a sense of the sporty nature of the new Tavascan. Cupra has also installed its largest infotainment system to date – a 15-inch screen should be big enough for everyone – and updated it with a new interface for ease of use. There's also a 12-speaker system from premium audio firm Sennheiser to keep you entertained on long drives.

And being 100% electric there's no shortage of performance to back up the looks.

Based on the VW's MEB platform, Cupra's Tavascan will be available with two power outputs: a 280bhp single motor version and a 340bhp dual motor for four-wheel drive. Both use the same 77kWh battery to power the motor/s and both will hit 60mph in around six seconds – 6.8 seconds in the standard Tavascan and 5.6 seconds in the dual motor Tavascan VZ. The Cupra Tavascan also features dynamic chassis technology, sport suspension and progressive steering for a sporty driving experience.

The new Cupra Tavascan will also provide enough capacity for a range easily in excess of 300 miles regardless of your chosen model. The battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in just under half an hour using a 135kW charging point, and the 77kWh battery pack can add an additional 62 miles of range in as little as seven minutes if you're only making a quick stop.

It's obviously a little early to suggest you should lease one now given the fact it won't be available until some time in 2024. Having said that, if your lease is due for renewal next year, or you're considering switching to an EV, the new Cupra Tavascan is definitely one to watch out for when the time comes.

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