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BYD drives change at Euro 2024

 Published 31st January 2024
Electric Vehicles  Partnership 

When you first meet someone new and ask them what they are into, 65% will say football and 69% will say cars, so put them together and you have 134% of people. That is everyone and more!

Okay, we know statistical maths doesn’t work that way and we understand 84.3% of statistics are made up on the spot, but some facts remain true. Such as, football is a global passion that brings people of all backgrounds and cultures together and cars have been stirring imagination since the Model T Ford. So, combine these interests and what do you get? You get the 2024 European Championships held in Germany and sponsored by BYD Cars (Build Your Dreams).

BYD, who are they?

We're glad you asked. Throughout the Euros, we will all be following the English, Scottish or perhaps the Welsh (fingers crossed), but another thing to follow is the story of BYD Cars. China’s high-tech innovation company that champions sustainability and a greener planet whilst making huge inroads in the automotive industry.

You have all heard of Tesla and Elon Musk and soon BYD and its founder Wang Chuanfu will be as widely spoken of. This is not mere speculation akin to our bold predictions of a home nation team winning the Euros and the top scorers' list dominated by Harry Kane, Scott McTominay and Kiefer Moore, this is a forecast based on the reality that BYD Cars outsold Tesla for the final quarter of 2023, and we see no reason this won’t continue. Watch this space!

Where did BYD come from?

BYD was founded in Shenzhen, China in February 1995 by Wang Chuanfu and his cousin Lu Xiangyang, with a focus on the production of rechargeable batteries and sustainable energy research. In the early 2000s, they began producing mobile phone batteries and have since become the number one supplier worldwide. It was a surprise to many, including the board of BYD, when Chuanfu declared he had ambitions in the motor industry and, in January 2003, acquired the Shaanxi Qinchuan Auto Company, which soon became BYD Cars.

The first model off the production line, the BYD F3, arrived in 2005 to mixed reactions. BYD’s early methods involved reverse engineering competitor’s models and building similar vehicles at a lower cost. This ultimately resulted in the production of a lower-quality Toyota. It wasn’t until 2008 when BYD Cars released the BYD F3DM, a plug-in hybrid electric version of the F3, that things began to change for the company. A more positive direction and strategy that aligned the historic strengths of the company and the ambitions of the owner occurred in 2010 BYD Cars partnered with Denza to solely focus on the research and development of new energy vehicles. A move that would be the catalyst to make them the company they are today.

The BYD revolution

2023 was the year of BYD and this can be attributed to the development of the ground-breaking Blade Battery, released in January. Thanks to BYD’s expertise in electric powertrain technology, their research and development were able to create a safer, more durable battery with enhanced performance that became the backbone of their models, including the Dolphin, Seal and best-selling Atto 3, winning the Global New Energy Vehicle Innovation Technology Award at the World New Energy Congress along the way.

However, BYD has been a pioneer in providing zero-emission energy since 2008 and is now a global leader in new energy vehicles. This development and focus on sustainability and greener practices has helped BYD Cars take the plaudits, turn heads within the industry, and finally, grab the attention of the car-buying public.

Taking on Tesla

One of the key reasons why BYD Cars has been able to take on the giants of Tesla is thanks to their battery innovations and manufacturing. Most competitors have to purchase their car batteries from a third-party supplier and the batteries are one of the most expensive components of a vehicle. As BYD make their own batteries in-house, they make huge savings on production costs which allows them more leeway with their pricing structure. This allows them to be highly competitive.

It isn’t all down to cost though. particularly at home where BYD Cars UK have seen rapid growth in the consumer market over the last year as EV drivers were turned on by the stylish appearance of the models and the impressive range of tech supplied as standard, including the world’s first rotatable infotainment screen, activated with voice control.

Performance is impressive with BYD cars in the UK also, with the Atto 3 achieving just over 300 miles of range from a single charge and can complete 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds.

For all these reasons and more, BYD cars became the best-selling electric car brand globally for the final quarter of 2023 and look to continue this trend in 2024 – and being the main e-mobility partner of the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament will only help to cement BYD’s name firmly in the mind of all consumers.

Euro 2024 acknowledgment

The 2024 UEFA European Championships will take place in Germany between June and July and is expected to attract an audience of 5 billion worldwide and 2.5 million fans attending the tournament. The logo of BYD will be seen by many as it emblazons screens and billboards and, for those in Germany at the time, BYD Cars will be showcased at selected venues throughout, allowing people to get a close-up view of the latest models and cutting-edge technology on offer.

This sponsorship agreement with UEFA is not just a great opportunity to make the world well aware of who BYD are and what they offer, it is a feather in the cap and an acknowledgement of their achievements, that an organisation the size of UEFA believes they are the company to aid in organising the most sustainable European Championships ever. As time goes by, perhaps history will show it was actually a feather in the cap of UEFA that BYD agreed to partner with them.

Discover BYD UK

BYD cars are already in great demand, but this will surely rise during and after Euro 2024, so now is the time to look into getting a Dolphin, Seal or Atto 3 at Gateway2Lease. We have superb flexible deals on all current models and are eagerly awaiting the Seal U SUV which is planned for release in early 2024. Get in touch with our friendly team for further information on all UK BYD cars and get yourself behind the wheel of the great car that does good!

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