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Camping and your car this summer

 Published 25th August 2023
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There are two types of people in this world: those who like camping, and those who don't. According to recent research from Dacia, around 6 million Brits now prefer camping to any other kind of holiday involving an actual roof over your head. Whether it's a love of the great outdoors or an economic choice if you're one of the camper-types you might want to consider leasing yourself a Dacia Jogger.

As well as the 6 million Brits who prefer pitching a tent over a stay in a hotel or rented property, the research revealed more than 28 million people are planning to spend a night under canvas this summer. We think that might officially make us a nation of happy campers.

According to that aforementioned research, it appears the nation is developing a serious interest in camping. Of the 82% of respondents who love camping, more than a third said they felt more optimistic or satisfied with their life when surrounded by nature.

Escaping technology surrounded by nature

Getting a little bit of peace and quiet was revealed as the best thing Brits liked about camping, along with being in the great outdoors, the chance to escape the light-polluting cities and be able to gaze up at the stars, and the enjoyment of exploring new places. With the idea of pricey all-inclusive holidays out of the picture for many, nearly half said that they were going camping in the UK this summer in a bid to save money.

Almost 25% really like the aspect of not having to spend money on a hotel and enjoy going back to basics, with almost one in five admitting a camping trip is the only time they can escape technology.

Despite this national enjoyment of the great outdoors, the study also found that although we are a nation of campers, Brits cannot bear bugs when it comes to the camping experience. Top of the list of “camping icks” were getting bitten by bugs, insects finding their way into the tent, and having to crawl outside and walk through a field in the middle of the night just to use the toilet.


Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK said: “Adventure is in our brand's DNA, and we want to encourage Brits to make the most of spending time outdoors with their loved ones during these summer holidays. With the research highlighting the positive impact of being outdoors, we hope it encourages more Brits to go on alternative holidays, such as camping, due to it being an affordable and enjoyable way to spend quality time with friends and family.”

Which is why we said you should be leasing a Dacia Jogger.

For anyone with a sense of adventure who also fancies a more comfortable camping experience this summer, Dacia offers a Sleep Pack option for the Jogger.The clever solution turns the Jogger's spacious interior into a bedroom for two in a matter of minutes, making camping quick and easy right across the whole of the UK.

And if you're not in the camping fraternity, we're afraid you'll just have to wait until Dacia offers a flying car package so you can take off somewhere hot and sunny instead….but don't hold your breath for that one.

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